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Environmental Management Systems implemented in six military camps, Ministry says

Military camps are ideal examples of disciplined societies where environmental protection and management can be taught and successfully implemented, the Ministry of Defence said in a press release, adding that currently six National Guard camps are implementing Environmental Management Systems, with a view to transform them into "Green Camps".

According to the Ministry of Defence, the Department of Environment is implementing actions such as the development and implementation of the Environmental Management System according to the European Regulation EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme) in six National Guard camps,  something which will be done in other 20 camps as well.

The Ministry noted that in the context of promoting policies for proper waste management in the armed forces, the Environment and Energy Sector of the Ministry's Technical Services Directorate co-organised a workshop with the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Department of Environment on May 15.

"Camps are ideal examples of disciplined societies where environmental protection and management can be taught and successfully implemented", the Ministry noted, adding that the implementation of environmental management systems offers multiple benefits for the environment and raises awareness among the soldiers. 

It is added that as of 2021, the implementation of actions and projects started through the LIFE Programme 2021-2027, the Cohesion Policy Programme THALIA 2021-2027, the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism 2021-2026, the Rural Development Programme 2023-2027, and the Norway Mechanism 2024-2030, a series of funding programmes for the promotion of separate collection, reuse and recycling and the rational management of municipal solid waste.

As noted, the total estimated value of the projects is €90 million, with the period for their implementation extended until 2029. These projects contribute to the implementation of the measures and actions of the Municipal Waste Management Plan 2022-2028, the Municipal Waste Prevention Programme 2024-2030, as well as the National Action Plan for the Circular Economy, implemented by the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry.

(Source: CNA)

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