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TechIsland supports Joint Advanced Student School 2024

TechIsland supported the recently-held Joint Advanced Student School (JASS) 2024, an international initiative by software developer JetBrains, for the second year running.

The educational event was held at Coral Beach Hotel & Resort this year under the theme "Talking with Smart Cities".


This year’s JASS expanded to accommodate a record number of students from universities worldwide. Hosted in Cyprus, the event explored integrating large language models into smart city systems, featuring cutting-edge tech like the Kinova Gen3 Robot Arm and autonomous vehicles.


“A big shout-out to the participating students and professors for their hard work and innovation,” TechIsland said on its LinkedIn, where it also posted photos from the event. “We're proud to support initiatives that cultivate the tech talent of the future and look forward to next year's adventure.”


JASS is an annual international initiative to study emerging technologies using project-driven software development. The school is a place where students and professors from different countries gather for short-term, project-oriented, project-driven education in international teams. Over the course of 7 days, each team of students creates and delivers a finished project.


The topics typically studied include mobile devices, the Internet of Things, industrial applications, autonomous mobile robotics and transportation, and virtual reality.


JASS 2024 promised to undertake an immersive, project-driven exploration of smart city technologies, their integration into urban infrastructure, and the natural language interfaces used to control them.

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