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AdTech Holding achieves "Great Place to Work" certification in Cyprus

AdTech Holding, a leader in creating vibrant startup ecosystems and innovation labs for AdTech & MarTech projects, is proud to announce its certification as a "Great Place to Work" in Cyprus. This accolade is a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to its team and their well-being.

Elena Dolya, Chief Administrative Officer at AdTech Holding, remarked, “Getting certified as the Great Place to Work is a very significant achievement for us because, as a company, we put much effort into creating comfortable working environments for our employees. I personally see the greatest worth in the fact the certification is based on the anonymous employee survey. This means that everyone has an opportunity to share their honest opinions safely. And we are proud that this honest evaluation brought us the honor of being called the Great Place to Work.”

Growth and Dedication

Established in 2011 and with a new office opening in Cyprus in 2016, AdTech Holding’s transformative journey from a team of five to a robust unit of over 500 professionals underscores its dedication and growth-centric vision. Their balanced approach to integrating seasoned experts and nurturing new talent has been a significant catalyst in this trajectory.

Empowering Employees

AdTech Holding’s ethos prioritises its team’s holistic growth. From unique induction initiatives for newcomers to advanced leadership modules for seasoned members, they have charted a comprehensive developmental blueprint. The ProLeader course, specifically, has been pivotal to enhance employees’ managerial skills.

A Culture of Trust

Transparent communication is a cornerstone at AdTech Holding. This ethos of openness ensures that insights, even from the newest members, are valued, leading to progressive organisational evolution.

Prioritizing Work-Life Balance

In an era of rapid advancements, AdTech Holding's focus has consistently been on harmonising professional and personal life. Initiatives like flexible work schedules, a dedicated meeting-free day, and the "Cafeteria of Benefits" program echo this commitment.

Elena's personal journey encapsulates the company's ethos, “The opportunity at AdTech Holding was a pivotal reason for my move to Cyprus. Five years on, my association with the company is stronger than ever."

About AdTech Holding

AdTech Holding, established in 2011 and with an office opening in Cyprus in 2016, specialises in creating vibrant startup ecosystems and innovation labs for AdTech & MarTech projects. With its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus, the company stands out as an industry leader, prioritising employee growth and well-being.

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