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Crayola almost triples short video output since TheSoul Publishing collaboration

Crayola has almost tripled its short-form video output since partnering up with Limassol-based TheSoul Publishing earlier this year, in its effort to keep up with the massive demand for content. 

The short-term video boom - which really began back in 2014 when, later to be rebranded as TikTok, was launched but really took off from the 2020s onwards - has led marketers to seek out the help of creators and publishers to keep on top of the trend.

Crayola, a 120-year-old global art supply brand, said it now rolls out roughly 40 videos a month on YouTube — which is around three times what it was producing prior to the partnership — with the hopes of generating more organic viral videos to continue to grow its presence on social media. 

TheSoul Publishing, which has brands like the hugely popular 5-Minute Crafts, is providing Crayola with its expertise in creating DIY and craft content for its social channels. While Crayola has rolled out a mix of short-form and long-form videos on YouTube, TheSoul Publishing produces new content, re-edits previous social content and manages posting of said content for the brand with a focus on organic growth.
Victoria Lozano, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Crayola, told the website Digiday: “It doesn’t matter if you make great content if no one ever sees it. How do you scale it? How do you get out there? How do you make sure it reaches the maximum number of consumers in a way that’s really engaging? That it’s informing them about our products or inspiring the use of our products? Engaging the brand at a high level? We’ve been looking at partnerships as a way of accomplishing that.” 

Both companies confirmed that Crayola's organic views and watch hours have increased significantly, though were not yet in a position to provide specific numbers. 

TheSoul Publishing's management and production of social media was initially focused on YouTube, which was traditionally Crayola's strongest channel, but it has since expanded to TikTok and Pinterest as well. 
“We’ve started a whole new business around Crayola, really,” Patrik Wilkens, Vice President Operations at TheSoul Publishing, said in the same interview. “We’re not putting Crayola products and videos on The Soul’s channel. We produce the content, and we also publish the content on Crayola’s own social media pages. All the subscribers, all the views, all the engagement that’s generated is really Crayola’s fanbase that we’re building.”

While Crayola has three target audiences — kids, parents and educators — the content created with TheSoul Publishing aims to reach families, according to Lozano, adding that the content is meant to inspire families to make crafts together and share memorable family moments.

(Source: Digiday)

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