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Second phase of Erasmus+ DigiSTAN project concluded with three workshops by CYS

The second phase of the project 'Moving Forward to a New Digital Era through Standardisation' under the Erasmus+ DigiSTAN programme concluded with the organisation and execution of three national workshops, the Cyprus Organisation for Standardisation (CYS) has said.

According to a CYS press release, on Monday 4 March 2024, the national workshop of the Organisation on the New Generation of Standardisation was held with the German Electrotechnical Standardisation Organisation DKE as partner, the first part of which highlighted the fundamental elements of standardisation, analysing the mission of the Cyprus Organisation for Standardisation, the national structure of the standardisation system, as well as the stages that determine the process of developing a standard, while DKE Young Professional Ambassador, Batu Mehmet Ayaz, shared DKE’s approach to involving young professionals in standardisation activities.

Subsequently, on 7 and 8 March 2024, the Cyprus Organisation for Standardisation organised the second national workshop in Nicosia, focusing on the crucial topics of E-mentoring and E-learning, serving as collaborative platform where experts and participants came together to critically identify gaps in CYS's current learning and mentoring activities and marking a significant step forward in developing strategies tailored for the digital era of standardisation in the fields of learning and mentoring.

It is further noted that the workshop included sessions led by DKE experts Ute Schmidt, responsible for overseeing DKE's learning strategies, and Christian Marian, a Project Manager specialising in Electrical, Electronic, and Information Technologies at DKE, offering invaluable expertise and guidance, creating the environment for the discussions needed.

The last workshop of the series was a two-day workshop held on 27 and 28 March 2024 in Nicosia, the statement continues, adding that it included a series of meetings dedicated to the digitisation of standardisation processes as well as the introduction of the digital and smart standards to the Cypriot stakeholders, specifically designed for stakeholders involved in or interested in the future of digital standards within Cyprus as well as the digitalisation of processes within CYS that affect the activities and the involvement of experts.

It is added that experts from the German Electrotechnical Standards Organisation Konstantin Petridis, the leader of the digitalisation processes with the German organisations as well as Raymond Puppan, the force behind DKE for the development and implementation of digital – smart standards, shared their invaluable experiences and insights from their activities in Germany that included detailed presentation on the progress and future plans in the field of digital standardisation and digital standards.

It is also added that the workshop featured interactive sessions where stakeholders from CYS had the opportunity to discuss the challenges and gaps they encounter in participating in standardisation activities, particularly concerning the digital tools required and identified learning needs, with emphasis being placed on digitising processes to ensure all content related to involvement and educational activities is accessible.

"The insights gained and relationships established during this workshop are set to significantly influence the digital standardisation landscape in Cyprus and CYS is prepared to take necessary actions for the future and is eager to see how the foundation established in this workshop will drive the digital transformation in standardisation efforts," the press release concludes.

(Source: CNA)

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