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Tourism minister optimistic for a good year amid challenges facing industry

Deputy Minister of Tourism Kostas Koumis has expressed optimism for a good tourist year, as Cyprus has managed to balance the capacity it offered last year with this year.

In statements at the House of Representatives on 14 May, he said he hopes that there will be no new unexpected developments in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

He remarked that he has a lot of experience in destination management and he cannot "remember ever having so many challenges in aviation".

The Deputy Minister of Tourism explained that the challenges concern a series of problematic aircraft engines, the many problems that one of the two giants in the aviation industry has that affected the flight programmes of many companies.

Asked about the prospects for this season, he said that he is not overly optimistic but realistic, given that "in terms of planning it was and still remains a difficult year," since the conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean region still remains, while the challenges in the aviation sector are maintained.

"I am cautiously optimistic for the reason that we have managed to balance the capacity we had last year with this year, so yes the conditions are set for another very touristic year, as long as we do not have new unexpected situations in the Eastern Mediterranean region," said Koumis.

"We are entitled to be optimistic for another very good tourist good year and I say this clearly," he added.

(Source: CNA)

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