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Michael C. G. Charalambides: We’re here to enhance, help and collaborate

Cyprus, being the stepping stone of three continents and having a product offering throughout the years that has to do mostly with the tourist industry, has seen GDP growth that has to do with the exponential dynamic of corporate entities, legal frameworks, favourable taxation, common law and licensing, giving ECOMMBX “the best grounds that we could have in order to grow together with Cyprus”, according to the company’s CEO and Managing Director Michael C. G. Charalambides.

Speaking to the camera as part of Invest Cyprus’ Working & Living in Cyprus Series on YouTube, Charalambides also said that the island has a rich pool of educated and specialised professionals that allow the company to give a better product offering and more competition towards the European market.

And he says that even though ECOMMBX is not a foreign company and it’s a Cypriot born and made company by Cypriot owners or people that are residing in Cyprus, it behaves and embraces the global trend of having to work with European countries and reaching abroad rather than just the domestic market.

“We’re not here to disturb the domestic market, we’re not here to compete with the domestic market, but on the contrary we’re here to enhance, we’re here to help and we’re here to collaborate, whether that’s fintechs, banking or any other related industry with ECOMMBX,” he says.

He also reveals why Cyprus is the ideal “playground” for a company to enjoy, be inspired and grow.

Watch the full video below:

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