Vandalize: Redefining Urban Art in Limassol

An exhibition titled 'Vandalize', featuring the work of street art artist Paparazzi, will be held in Limassol from 5 to 7 April at The Warehouse by ITQuarter, located by the seaside.

According to a press release from organiser Alpha C.K. Gallery, "'Vandalize' aims to subvert the notion of vandalism, pushing boundaries and sparking creativity. This street art event is more than just observing paintings – it's a three-day celebration of urban life, fashion, and music. Visitors will have the opportunity to see famous artworks transformed into daring street art, prompting contemplation about what truly matters in the Cyprus community."

Vandalize one

Alongside the art, there will be entertainment such as hip-hop dance-offs, DJ battles, Graffiti Jam sessions, and interactive art experiences. Additionally, attendees can use their phones to view the art in 3D something Alpha C.K. Gallery describes as "like stepping into the painting."

An international guest at 'Vandalize' is Dan Kitchener, also known as 'DANK'. Hailing from the UK, he's a mural painter and illustrator who's showcased his work globally. "DANK's art is diverse and distinctive, earning him a growing fanbase. He impresses audiences with massive murals, captivating canvas exhibitions, and live painting spectacles. Throughout his career, DANK has collaborated with big names like Paul McCartney, Lenny Kravitz, Kylie, and The Prodigy, reaching millions with his exceptional work," the press release notes.

Who is Paparazzi

Achilleas Michaelides, also known as Paparazzi, was born in 1982 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Vandalize three

Starting from his art school days in Tbilisi, he's been making waves in Cyprus since 2002. Paparazzi is a key player in the street art scene. He went from doing graffiti in Thessaloniki to creating iconic murals all over Cyprus. His art has been shown in solo and group exhibitions worldwide, from Cyprus to places like the UK, Germany and more. His collaborations with globally recognized artists and brands, including Bates, Tats Crew, and companies like Yamaha and Carlsberg, showcasing his versatile and impactful artistry.

Vandalize two

Information about the event:

Dates: 5-7 April

DAY 1: 6pm - 10pm (Exhibition's opening night)

DAY 2: 11am - 10pm (6pm Hip Hop dance performances, Graffitti Jam)

DAY 3: 11am - 7pm (Closing party, Open Mic, Graffiti Jam)

Admission: Free

Kids: Although it is not a kids’ event and there won’t be specific kids’ entertainment, they are welcome to experience the art too.

Organised by: Alpha C.K. Gallery

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