House President and US Ambassador discuss situation in Middle East, bilateral relations

Particular concern over the possibility of further escalation of the situation in the Middle East was expressed on during a meeting of House President, Annita Demetriou with the US Ambassador to Cyprus, Julie Fisher, while the need for de-escalation was emphasised.

A statement by the House of Representatives notes that the President of the House of Representatives received the US Ambassador to Cyprus on 16 April. During the meeting, it said, “The importance of the multi-level cooperation that has been developing between Cyprus and the US in recent years was noted, in light of the growing instability and complex challenges to security and stability in the region and beyond”. “Particular concern was expressed over the possibility of a further escalation of the situation in the Middle East, following Iran’s attack on Israel, while the need for de-escalation was emphasised, as the consequences of such a development would be devastating”, it adds.

It also said that the House President referred, in particular, to the increasing migration flows that Cyprus has been receiving and underlined that this issue “must be dealt with collectively and effectively at the level of the European Union”, in cooperation with third countries and with an emphasis on the causes that lead to immigration.

Regarding the Cyprus problem, Demetriou, “expressed the wish for a successful outcome” of the mission of the Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary-General “and emphasised that the goal of our side was the resumption of talks for reaching a solution, in accordance with international law and the relevant Resolutions of the United Nations Security Council”.

Ambassador Fisher and Demetriou also commented on the meeting in posts on the X platform.

(Sources: CNA/X)

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