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Kissonerga: Swimming beaches are part of the community’s business plan

The latest report regarding income from the swimming beaches in the Paphos community of Kissonerga show that the beaches are an important source of income for the Community Council with the income, for 2023, approaching €195,000.

Council President George Stylianou, told CNA that the creation of swimming beaches in the community had been a strategic decision by the Community Council as well as part of the business/financial plan drawn up by the Council to manage the community’s accumulated financial problems and increase the Council's income in ways that would not burden citizens with higher fees and taxes.

He pointed out that the swimming beaches of Kissonerga have easy access and are connected to the coastal pedestrian path/bike path that has been built both along the coastline and along the coastal avenue of Kissonerga while also having safe access from the hotels in the area, all which had contributed to their success.

He also noted that, at the beginning of the season, important works had been carried out on the beaches to shape and improve the areas and facilities for bathers. In addition, the beaches are adequately staffed with lifeguards from the beginning of the season, ensuring the safety of bathers, he added.

As Stylianou reported, the significant income the Council has from the beaches has helped to successfully manage the community’s financial obligations. It has become financially robust having paid off, in just ten years, financial obligations approaching €4 million.

Stylianou additionally emphasised that the Council is now financially strong because, through collective effort, the Financial Plan that had been drawn up and implemented over the last 12 years was being reverently implemented, with an emphasis on managing finances, limiting expenses and raising revenue by means other than taxes, such as revenue from the creation of the community's swimming beaches.

(Source: CNA, InBusinessNews)

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