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Christodoulides: US visit priorities also include energy issue and attracting investors

President Nikos Christodoulides has said that the energy issue and attracting quality investments to Cyprus were among the objectives of his meetings as well as those of Foreign Affairs Minister, Constantinos Kombos, in New York.

Christodoulides was speaking during a press conference in New York, where he will address the 78th session of the UN General Assembly and will hold a series of meetings.

In his statements, Christodoulides said that his meetings as well as the meetings of Foreign Affairs Minister, Constantinos Kombos, in New York, had three objectives set out by the Republic of Cyprus before this trip.

The first and most important one has to do with the Cyprus problem while the second concerns energy developments, in light of the EU effort to end energy dependency on Russia and to establish new energy routes.

Christodoulides said that in this framework there will be bilateral meetings on this issue, adding that Israel and Egypt are two important countries for Cyprus in this sector. He noted that in this framework they will hold meetings in New York with the heads of Exxon and Chevron.

The third objective has to do with attracting quality investments to Cyprus, and particularly of US investments, a goal that has been set out together with the US administration, the President noted.

“The third thematic section concerns our effort to attract quality investments to Cyprus, especially American investments. It is a goal that we have set out together with the US administration and we are working in specific directions, in specific areas where we see interest from the American sector to see how this can be transformed into specific investments,” Christodoulides elaborated.

He stated that the Foreign Minister will have bilateral contacts with his counterparts and tripartite meetings at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs together with his Greek counterpart, with Jordan, Israel and Egypt that aim to prepare meetings at the level of heads of government in the immediate future.

The President said that the next tripartite meeting with Jordan will take place in Cyprus. He added that the goal is for the meeting to take place before the end of 2023, as in the case of Egypt.

"Meetings are of particular importance both for energy-- it is the time for decisions--but also for our effort to attract investments from the US," Christoulides underlined.

(Source: CNA)

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