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Polar debuts Happier Than Ever Concert in Roblox: A Metaverse Musical Event (pics)

TheSoul Publishing, a leading digital studio, will unveil its first ever immersive concert experience in Roblox, featuring the virtual pop star, Polar.

Dubbed Happier Than Ever, the week-long concert is scheduled to begin from 12 December, promising an engaging performance that will be continuously accessible to players.


This event, delivered via Club Box, developed by renowned AAA game developer Kokku, marks a significant milestone for TheSoul Publishing's expansion into the gaming industry and the continued growth of its music division.

In Club Blox, an immersive amusement park experience in Roblox, Kokku blends virtual concerts featuring artists like Polar with fun social games, appealing to Generations Z and Alpha.


Polar's Happier Than Ever concert is set to be the centrepiece of this innovative venture, setting the stage for additional exceptional performances.

Fans of Polar can expect to hear the virtual influencer’s new hits, exclusive to Roblox: Sold Love, Shivers, and Happier than Ever, all performed in an elaborate virtual arena designed to offer a fully interactive experience. The concert is set to commence as soon as a user enters the stage, ensuring a personalised experience for each and every attendee.


Beyond the concert itself, the Roblox venue is teeming with activities to enhance the user experience:

Collect Coins: Find and use coins for consumables and limited items like the Guitar UGC.

Exclusive Items and Mini-Games: Engage in activities from photo booths and music players to the Giant Record Player for stunning visual effects.

VIP Passes: Offering access to VIP areas, unique items, and a special badge.

Totem Tower Challenge: Compete in an obstacle race with a chance to win a Trophy Hat Limited UGC item.

Explore the Venue: Discover numerous interactive points scattered across the venue.


Polar, the virtual popstar and TheSoul Publishing's first music artist launched in the metaverse, has captivated audiences worldwide with her enigmatic masked persona and electrifying performances. Since her metaverse debut in October 2021, Polar has been at the forefront of bridging the virtual and physical worlds, mixing the gaming and music industries to create a unique type of digital fandom. Her appeal is evident in her rapidly growing social media presence, with two million followers on TikTok, over 2.4 million subscribers and 1.36 billion views on YouTube, and a significant following on other platforms.


In addition to her virtual performances, Polar has received recognition for her impact on the digital world, having been interviewed by Reuters about the metaverse and winning awards for her contributions to the entertainment industry. Her collaborations with independent artists across various genres further emphasise her versatility and appeal.


Patrik Wilkens, Vice President of Operations at TheSoul Publishing, said: "We are thrilled to continue pioneering this unique form of entertainment in Roblox with Polar's Happier Than Ever concert. This collaboration with Kokku and Roblox is an exciting venture, dismantling the barriers between music, immersive and interacting gaming, and high-level community engagement to create a host of truly unforgettable experiences."

Follow this link to Club Blox and get ready to join Polar in a musical journey like no other in the world of Roblox.


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