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Spotlight on the preferred brands in the growing hybrid car market

In the midst of repeated increases in the prices of petroleum products and in view of the green taxation on fuels being imposed, the shift to electric transportation, although an expensive affair, is nevertheless becoming inevitable.

Hybrid cars along with electric vehicles now account for more than 30% of the total saloon car market, showing that more and more buyers are turning to these models.

Hybrid cars

An important part of the car market is now occupied by hybrid models, which are a pole of attraction for buyers.

Of the 27,499 passenger saloon car registrations made in the period January - September 2023, 7,717 or 28% were for hybrid models.

Compared to the corresponding period of 2022, the increase in registrations (4,745) is impressive, exceeding 61%.

Regarding the registrations of private saloon cars, the percentage of hybrid cars (7,009 registrations) rises to 31.1%.

The lead in registrations of hybrid saloons is held by Toyota by a significant margin, with 2,792 registrations. Next is Nissan, with 771, while below with small differences are Hyundai (410) and Honda (348), with Kia closing the top five, with 339 registrations.

As for the rest of the list of hybrid models, BMW has 315 registrations, Renault 276, Mercedes 261, Volvo 231, while Lexus completes the top ten, with 204 registrations.

Electric cars

They may not have managed to strengthen their momentum, mainly due to cost, however electric models are starting to be preferred by a portion of buyers.

Registrations of electric passenger saloons came in at just 714 for the first nine months of 2023, still managing to double from 381 registrations in the corresponding period last year.

The differences between the first in brand registrations are small. The list includes brands such as MG (86), BMW (78), Hyundai (68), Mercedes (61) and Volkswagen (50).

Porsche (56), Audi (48), Tesla (37), Kia (33), Toyota (28) and Nissan (28) also make up the electric saloon car registrations.

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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