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Neocleous Tower redefines workplace wellbeing with unique 5th floor offering

Neocleous Tower is a modern, sustainable, office building in central Limassol, welcoming corporations to experience the future of upscale workplace excellence. Redefining the standard for environment-focused, commercial real estate in Cyprus, the tower offers an eco-conscious, tech-driven and people-centric setting, which fosters success, collaboration and employee well-being.

The crown jewel of the tower is the unique 5th floor which transcends workplace tradition, offering an exclusive haven designed to enhance employee wellbeing. Crafted with unparalleled expertise by renowned design firm Side to Side, this communal hub seamlessly blends functional requirements with high-end aesthetic and luxury design elements. The result is a one-of-a-kind space in Cyprus; an urban sanctuary towering above the city, which is both visually striking but also purposeful and comfortable, with employee happiness and human-centred principles at its core.


This multifunctional space embodies flexibility and adaptability, with a modular design that can cater to a wide variety of social and professional activities. "Our vision was to create a dynamic, engaging and versatile area that maintains a harmonious and cohesive layout which can adapt to the diverse needs of its users. From formal meetings to casual networking, socialising, dining and leisure activities in a luxuriously designed environment," says Side to Side co-founder, Sunshine Andriana Matsis.

The highlight of the space is a sophisticated café, lounge bar and restaurant area, complete with a stunning open-air break terrace. Inviting tenants to unwind or entertain in style, this world-class dining destination not only offers convenience and connectivity, but also promotes a better work-life balance and overall employee satisfaction. All set against a backdrop of sweeping cityscapes and views across the urban skyline all the way to the sea.

The remaining space is divided into multipurpose zones, which can be transformed for events, presentations, workshops, seminars, or social gatherings. Adaptable meeting spaces are designed with movable furniture and partitions to accommodate both small team meetings and larger group discussions. Lounge areas provide comfortable seating arrangements for informal meetings and relaxation. Meanwhile, open-plan, co-working areas provide a dedicated space for individual work, group projects and networking opportunities.

"Throughout the development of Neocleous Tower, the synergy between the owners and all involved consultants has been truly remarkable," said George Stamatiou, principal architect at George Stamatiou Architects LLC. "This collaborative spirit has enabled us to harness a wealth of expertise, ensuring every aspect of the project not only meets but exceeds our collective vision for architectural excellence and innovation."

In alignment with the tower’s future-forward aspect, the 5th floor also integrates advanced technologies, smart features and interactive elements to enhance the user experience and improve efficiency, convenience and connectivity within the space. Acoustic solutions include sound-absorbing materials, while strategic lighting implements a mix of ambient, task and accent lighting to define different zones. This not only creates visual interest, but also enhances the functionality and ambiance of the space.

Incorporating sustainable practices and materials was also a priority in the design of the 5th floor, in keeping with the tower’s commitment to environmental responsibility and LEED certification aspirations. LED lighting fixtures and motion sensors work to reduce energy consumption and promote energy efficiency throughout the space. Sustainable and reclaimed materials are used where possible to reduce environmental impact and promote indoor air quality. This in turn, contributes to a healthy, efficient and environmentally conscious workspace for occupants.

Poised to serve as a unique focal point of the building, this 5th floor area will nurture a sense of community and connection, as well as a positive workplace culture within the building. Furthermore, having a multifunctional space on-site provides convenient options for occupants. Not only does this eliminate the need to travel outside for meals and social engagements, it also significantly elevates the overall user experience,

For more information about how to Move Skywards in Limassol with Neocleous Tower, get in touch at: +357 25 268600;;

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