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Experts suggest the ideal strategies for creating successful brands

Marketers are constantly faced with the challenge of adaptation and innovation. In an effort to maintain and increase the value of the brands they manage, they implement solutions that promote personalistion and make a difference.

By knowing the needs and desires of consumers, professionals in the field can create products and services that meet the demands of the market.

Creating and maintaining successful brands was the focus of a panel discussion hosted by the 21st Advertising, Marketing, Media and Communication Conference in Nicosia on 7 June.

The discussion entitled "Creating and sustaining a successful brand: strategies and policies" took place on the "Building Brilliant Brands" stage of the event and offered valuable insights into the success of brands.

The panel was comprised of Loucas Leonidou, Head of Marketing & CX at Toyota Cyprus and Angelis Zittis, Marketing Manager at ECOMMBX.

Leonidou spoke about Toyota's values, going on to say that brands today are human-centric despite rapid digitisation.

People-centeredness, personalisation and a deep understanding of the customer and the experience they want are very important to the future of Toyota, he added.

"We are constantly getting feedback on their experience and their voice is being heard so that the company can evolve," he said.

Traditional media remains strong, was the opinion he expressed after a related question, while stressing the importance of data collection.

Zittis spoke about the economic crisis in Cyprus and CSR which play an important role.

He referred to ECOMMBX programmes in the context of applying ESG criteria and supporting the medical sector, as well as basketball and other sports where young men and women participate.

"Be patient until you see the results and always do research before spending your budget", were two basic pieces of advice he have to the companies and marketers of the Cyprus business world.

The discussion was moderated by Petros Petrou, CEO of Alpha Cyprus.

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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