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Placy, a Cyprus-born AI assistant for Real Estate professionals, has been launched

An AI-powered solution is set to lead a radical change in the real estate industry during an era its creators suggest has long been fixated on traditional, often outdated practices.

Placy, an assistant created using Artificial Intelligence, is described as the frontrunner for a simplified, more efficient and accessible real estate market, a press release on the product's launch notes.

Disrupting the status quo
For too long, buyers and sellers have navigated a labyrinth of complexities, hindered by a lack of transparency and an overload of information. The AI paradigm shift, reminiscent of the seismic changes brought about by the internet, challenges this concept. Let’s use an example, the press release notes.

People have been using traditional search engines to find information, ending up with a list of links to information sources. New, AI-powered search engines such as Perplexity are redefining this process. They assume the role of an intellectual advisor, an assistant that uses reasoning to provide answers, not just links.

This is precisely what Placy is doing for real estate—with its advanced AI capabilities, it embodies the essence of this evolution, offering not just data but insightful, actionable guidance for professionals and buyers in Cyprus and beyond, the company's announcement continues.

The Genesis and Vision of Placy

Conceived by a trio of industry veterans—Sergey Osipov, Mike Vasiliev, and Alex Alexeev—here in Cyprus, Placy's inception was rooted in a profound understanding of the real estate market's challenges. "The time for property portals is over. The next decade is all about AI co-pilots," states Vasiliev. "Placy is our answer to the market's cry for clarity and simplicity." Alexeev adds, "Real estate agencies won't fire half of their agents because of AI. They will, however, solve 2x more problems with the same team, handling 2x as many foreign clients, who speak different languages, from different time zones. The smart agencies will even hire more people. This will be a different type of employee who knows how to use AI assistants to their full extent."

What does Placy do?

By leveraging the power of AI, Placy can analyze property listings, state registries, and social media to provide comprehensive, personalized information to users in any language.

As Sotiris Komodromos, Placy’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), explains, "The objective is to automate 50% of the real estate agent's tasks at 25% of the cost, safeguarding the profession while creating the instruments for the realtor of the future.

Placy is more than just a tool – Placy Pro enables a 4-hour working day for real estate agents due to its ongoing automation. From understanding the nuances of local regulations to identifying the perfect property that fits your unique needs, Placy can support agents every step of the way."

A team poised to lead the revolution
The team spearheading Placy is ready to build another unicorn, and it has already started its start-up journey from Cyprus. With their extensive experience and proven track record in building businesses from the ground up, they are the dream team for driving change in the real estate industry.

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus presents a unique opportunity for Placy. With an open market, enthusiastic community, and high commission rates, the country is an ideal launchpad for this innovative solution. Moreover, having lived in Cyprus for nine years, Sergey Osipov brings invaluable local market knowledge and insights that can expedite the project’s launch and adoption, the press release notes.

The Future of Real Estate

Placy's introduction marks a new era in the real estate industry, where technology and human expertise converge to create a seamless, empowering experience for all. Placy can be for the realtor what Google has been for the marketeer, a practice so deeply rooted in what they do that it becomes impossible to separate the two.

Visit Placy and test what it can do

Pay Placy a visit by navigating to and see what it can do. Moreover, subscribe to the Placy AI Startup Insights channel and join a community of first-time Placy users. Chat with Placy from your smartphone and test its knowledge, the press release concludes.

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