The new generation of entrepreneurs share their views with the President (pics)

One of the main features to be included in the upcoming 2024 edition of The Cyprus Journal of Wealth Management is “Business Talk,” this year showcasing the views and opinions of millennial entrepreneurs/executives from leading companies in Cyprus, as expressed during an informal discussion over lunch with President Nikos Christodoulides.

Among the topics discussed at the recent lunch gathering were the millennial entrepreneurs’ views on the Cyprus economy, the general business environment, the challenges, and opportunities, the most significant challenges facing young entrepreneurs/executives in Cyprus in their respective sectors and the government’s vision for the growth of the Cyprus economy.

With the "Business Talk' event taking place at Pralina Experience in Nicosia, President Christodoulides was accompanied by Deputy Government Spokesman Yiannis Antoniou, Irene Georgalla, Head of the Office of the Deputy Minister to the President and Poly Papavassiliou, Secretary to The Council of Ministers.

The millennial entrepreneurs/executives sharing their views were Anna Mouskis of Muskita Muskita Aluminium Industries, Marina P. Hajioannou of Safe Bulkers, Maria Zorba of the Zorbas Group, Michael Petrou of Petrou Bros Dairy Products, Evagoras Lanitis of the Lanitis Group, Chryssie Jacovides of the MSJ Group, George Theodotou of AlphaMega Hypermarkets and Sophia G. Leptos of the Leptos Group.

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IMH is producing and publishing The Cyprus Journal of Wealth Management (WM) on behalf of Eurobank Cyprus for the seventh time this year.

This year’s WM will be distributed to those attending the 2024 Invest Cyprus International Investment Awards ceremony, as well as to all Eurobank Cyprus' clients via the bank's Corporate Banking, Wealth Management, Global Markets and Affluent Banking units. It will be also sent to a select number of leading entrepreneurs in Cyprus and abroad.

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