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AstroBank launches Target Maturity Fund 2027

AstroBank is expanding its range of innovative products by launching the three-year AstroBank Target Maturity Fund 2027, which the bank said aims to capitalise on the current bond yield environment.

The new fixed maturity mutual fund is aimed at investors with a medium-term horizon, who intend to hold on to their investment for the duration of the AstroBank Target Maturity Fund 2027, and who seek access to a diversified portfolio of European sovereign and corporate bonds with a minimum capital of €20,000.

The dividend is estimated at 3.50% on an annualised basis.

The AstroBank Target Maturity Fund 2027 aims to preserve the original capital, provided no negative credit event occurs.

Upon maturity, which is set for June 2027, the fund will be liquidated, and the proceeds will be distributed to the investors.

The subscription deadline is 31.5.2024.

AstroBank CEO, Aristidis Vourakis said: "Heeding the rising investor interest for simple and reliable products, we have launched a highly competitive solution, addressed to people seeking a regular income. Through AstroBank Target Maturity Fund 2027, we are giving our customers the opportunity to shape their financial future with confidence."

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