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Cyprus has one of the EU’s lowest percentages of electric cars

Cyprus had one of the lowest percentages of electric vehicles (only 0.14% of cars in the country) in 2022, even though the percentage has increased in recent years and especially in 2022, according to data released by Eurostat.

At the same time, the ratio of passenger cars per inhabitant remained stable in Cyprus (0.65 per inhabitant or 653 per 1,000 people, from 0.66 per inhabitant in 2021), close to the EU average (0.56 passenger cars per inhabitant, at the same levels as 2021).

The lowest rates at the regional level, close to zero, were recorded in seven regions in Greece and one each in the Czech Republic, Poland and Spain.

The highest rates were recorded in regions of the Netherlands and Sweden. Specifically, the highest shares were recorded in Flevoland (12.8%) and Utrecht (6.6%) in the Netherlands, and Stockholm (6.6%) in Sweden.

Of the top ten regions when it comes to their share of electric vehicles, four were regions in the Netherlands, four were in Sweden, and one each in Luxembourg (which is a single region) and Austria.

Higher ratios in stronger economies

Regarding the ratio of all types of vehicles per inhabitant, the differences at the level of regions (within NUTS 2 statistical analysis, in which Cyprus is a single region) in 2022 were significant, with the highest ratio recorded in the Aosta Valley in Italy (2.34 vehicles per inhabitant) and the lowest in the overseas department of Mayotte in France (0.08 vehicles per inhabitant).

Regional motorisation rates (passenger cars per 1,000 inhabitants) are often linked to the state of the economy, but are also influenced by specific characteristics. For example, the rate recorded in the Aosta Valley was also affected by favorable tax rules.

The three regions with the highest motoring ratio in the EU in 2022 were in northern Italy: they were the Aosta Valley (2,339 cars per 1,000 inhabitants), Trento (1,431 cars per 1,000 inhabitants) and Bolzano (935 cars per 1,000 inhabitants).

Of the 10 regions with the highest motoring ratios, six were in Italy and one each in Finland, Greece (in the region of Attica where Athens is located), the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

The lowest ratio was recorded in Mayotte (83 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants), Peloponnese in Greece (203 per 1,000 inhabitants) and French Guiana (217 per 1,000 inhabitants).

Of the 10 regions with the lowest car rates, four were in Greece, two in France, two in Romania and one each in Germany and Austria. Two of the regions with a low ratio in Germany and Austria were the metropolitan areas of Berlin (331) and Vienna (366).

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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