Limassol’s Heroes' Square’s €3.4 million renovation on the way (pics)

Heroes Square in Limassol, one of the oldest squares in Cyprus, is being ‘recreated’ with care also being taken to conserve its historic elements.

In a project with an estimated value of €3.4 million plus VAT, Heroes' Square is expected to be reimagined and upgraded with the aim of turning it into a high-end round the clock venue.

Essentially, the redevelopment aims to highlight the historical and social importance of the square and the architectural and monumental elements that characterise the area, which play an important role for the city to this day.


It is worth noting that the project will be subsidised by the European Regional Development Fund.

According to a report in the Limassol Chamber of Commerce publication ‘Epiheirimatiki Lemesos,’ the duration of the project execution based on the contracts will be 18 months. The deadline for receipt of bids was March 22 and now the bids are being evaluated.


As ‘Epiheirimatiki Lemesos’ reports, it is expected that the tender will be awarded to a contractor within April.

It is recalled that the architectural study was undertaken by architects Socrates Stratis and Christos Pasadakis.


The reconstruction of Heroes' Square

The proposal entitled ‘Square of everyday heroes’ outlines the infrastructure for the reshaping of the square and suggests organisational structures for the city's common areas, to encourage and ensure the multi-collectivity of the public space.

It organises the space of the square based on an "intelligent" floor that functions as a network of infrastructures for social and ecological processes.

With a sustainable rainwater management system, the floor of the square will be able to collect part of its flow, slow down the rest, filter it and store it in a tank under its floor.

The configuration pattern of the "smart floor" allows the configuration of four oases around the existing pavilions.

The scholars propose structures such as the 'Little Rialto', the 'Greenhouse of Ideas for All', the 'Playhouse', the 'Plant Greenhouse', but also the "Hanging Gardens", above the new public ones.


It is anticipated that the redevelopment will promote revitalization throughout the downtown area with various pedestrianisations, one-way streets as well as green space upgrades.

The upgrade plan foresees that it will be done gradually, within 18 months, so that the square is not closed, and residents and businesses are affected as little as possible.


The historic Square of Limassol

Heroes' Square, located on the parallel street of the commercial centre of Limassol, Anexartisias Street, was created in 1910 with the historical monument of heroes in its centre put up in 1946.


Until about the early 1930s, the area was a purely Turkish quarter known as ‘Kkesoglides’ after the owner of the area, the wealthy Turkish Syrian Kkesoglou.

Later it was opened up for the Christians of the city and many of the properties passed into their hands. Over the years, various artists began to frequent the cafés of the square.

In Heroes Square, among other things, political gatherings were also held.

Later, and for some years, brothels and gambling clubs were gathered in the square and it was overrun by ‘people of the night’.

Around 2000 and during the time of Mayor Demetris Kontides, Heroes' Square was transformed and re-established. An important contribution to this was played by the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) with the various developments in the area including university facilities and student residences.


Now, Heroes' Square is an integral part of the centre of Limassol, which is bursting with life. It is a hangout for people of various ages, a place for relaxation, fun and recreation.

Today, restaurants, bars, cafes and various art galleries operate in the square, while at the same time there are CUT classrooms, laboratories and offices as well as student residences.

A hallmark of Heroes' Square for years is the Rialto Theatre, which opened its doors in 1933 initially as a cinema. Today, the Rialto hosts theater performances and other artistic events.


(Source: InBusinessNews/ Epiheirimatiki Lemesos)

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