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GOLD New Issue: Living The American Dream

In this month’s issue of GOLD, out on Sunday, 21 April, we shine the spotlight on nine Cypriots who left the island and ended up having distinguished careers in the United States of America.

Cypriots are no strangers to finding a new home on foreign shores. For such a small population, their international presence is particularly outsized, with as many as 115 countries currently playing host to Cypriot nationals. In this month’s issue of GOLD, we shine the spotlight on nine Cypriots who left the island and ended up having distinguished careers in the United States of America. Although our nine interviewees vary significantly in terms of the industries they are involved in – from the finance sector to pharmaceuticals and ownership of a private psychotherapy practice – some common themes still shine through their experiences. For an outsider, thriving in the multicultural and highly competitive environment offered by the US can mean going through a difficult adaptation process. Our interviewees willingly took up this challenge and, today, they see their embracing of US values, business practices and the country’s unique amalgamation of cultures as a positive step, by which they did not just navigate a course through a new country but became part of it.

Apart from sharing some fascinating insights into their own personal success stories, these Cypriot Americans/American Cypriots are in a unique position to provide important context and ideas as to how the two countries can engage further on a business, cultural and diplomatic level. They also offer some useful advice to their Cyprus-based compatriots who may be thinking about making the same journey across the Atlantic.

In addition to this and all GOLD’s regular features, this issue also includes exclusive interviews:

  • Games People Play - Maria Kochmola and Ilia Eremeev, two of The Games Fund’s three General Partners, sheds light on their investment strategy and the current landscape of the video game market amidst broader economic challenges.
  • A New Work Order - Tony Jamous, founder of the global employment platform Oyster, on what makes the remote work model tick and how emerging economies can benefit from it.
  • In Search of the Holy Grail - Dr. Christos Stavrou, founder and CEO of UK-based Fusion Reactors, talks about the endless opportunities provided by fusion energy and explains why it may be the only solution to the global climate emergency.

Special Features

  • Accounting, Audit & Tax Advisory Firms in Cyprus
  • The Cyprus Startup Ecosystem

All this and more in Issue 157 of GOLD magazine, out on Sunday, 21 April. Click here to read the digital edition.

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