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Deputy Minister underlines efforts to enhance Cyprus' tourism competitiveness

Deputy Minister of Tourism Kostas Koumis, has stressed the government's commitment to bolster the competitiveness of Cyprus' tourism sector, with a particular emphasis on green transition and digital transformation.

Speaking at the annual General Assembly of the Cyprus Hotel Managers (Cyhma) held in Larnaca, on 11 April, Koumis highlighted the significant challenges facing tourism today, especially in Cyprus. He pointed out the geopolitical tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean region, alongside economic challenges in major European economies.

"Perhaps for the first time in years, except during the pandemic period, external factors are not beneficial for our country's tourism, rather, they act as deterrents," Koumis said. Nevertheless, he expressed confidence in overcoming these challenges.

"As the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, we work diligently to address these challenges, including climate change, by interconnecting nearly every policy of our Ministry with the aim of green transition and digital transformation," Koumis noted.

"Simultaneously, we are moving towards improving the tourism product, striving to meet the market's new trends, and making the most of the Recovery and Resilience Plan," he added.

Koumis also elaborated on announced plans aimed at further enhancing the tourism product, particularly emphasising a scheme to bolster the infrastructure of mountainous, rural, and border areas of Cyprus, enabling them to "put their mark on the tourism map."

Furthermore, he pointed out the Ministry of Tourism's adoption of the European Commission's initiative for "skilling-up, upskilling, and reskilling," noting that human capital and its particular qualitative characteristics are critical parameters for success and achieving competitive advantage.

(Source: CNA)

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