Single-Application Solutions are taking over the market

Running a business in the current economy is no small feat. Global companies are tough competitors and the market is constantly changing. Managing operations is becoming more and more challenging and requires more and more platforms. Each with a unique set of procedures and requirements. It’s time-consuming, complex, and filled with bureaucratic hurdles.
Let’s use opening an account as an example. It requires a unique platform and takes an average of 4-6 weeks to open. If you are a business owner, this delay will impact how your businesses operate and respond to market changes. And one more platform is added to the many required to run your business. You can’t just not use it. You have to see and manage your transactions.

Given these challenges, many business owners use single-application solutions for their financial management. These are platforms that integrate all aspects of business financial management, saving significant time and resources. Most are low-cost or even free to use. Making them perfect for small businesses or even larger ones that seek to reduce costs.

The Shift Towards Streamlined Processes
With single-application solutions, you don’t need to hop from one platform to another. You can do everything in one place. The services provided can be customised to your needs and combined for better operational efficiency. Safety is enhanced because you can manage authentication and authorisation in one platform instead of multiple. And you can get a full picture of your business's financial state, as all financial details are in a single place.
As a result, you’ll need fewer staff for administration. So more resources can go towards growing your business. The processes get simplified and the likelihood of security issues gets reduced. And the amount of time you need to spend on administrative tasks, the risks and the costs get reduced.
Let’s take one such platform as an example. bOS, a business operating system by uQualify, is a single application solution that can save you valuable time. With bOS you can open an account in less than 48 hours. You can use this account to conduct and manage fast transactions on the platform. Plus you can add your external accounts so you won't have to switch from platform to platform.
As for international transactions, with bOS you can swiftly make or receive payments in 160+ currencies, including the commonly traded and exotic ones. Or you can use crypto payments that are significantly faster and safer. And most importantly, when you have an issue you won’t spend hours arguing with a chatbot. You can contact your account manager directly and promptly get help.

Diverse Services Under One Roof
Now it’s time to see how these platforms can help you grow your business. As mentioned before, single-application solutions often provide multiple services. These services might include accounts, currency exchange, crypto payments and more. With a single application solution, you can access these services, manage them and even combine them as needed all in one place.
All businesses need at least one account. But if you have many and from different providers, things get complicated. You need each provider’s platform to see and manage your transactions. But when you use a single application solution, you need one. You can link your accounts on the platform and manage them from there.
If you conduct business abroad you’ll find the currency exchange service very useful. It allows you to send and receive payments, in the currency of your choice, with much lower exchange rates than traditional methods.
The most useful service though might be crypto payments. Crypto adoption is rising by the minute. More and more people want to pay with crypto instead of fiat. So offering crypto payments in your business is very important. You can incorporate crypto payments in your operations through the platform. This eliminates the complexities of volatility and regulatory compliance. Plus, you’ll enjoy quicker and more secure transactions, with lower fees.
Time for another example. Let’s look at what bOS, the single application solution mentioned before, has to offer.
For accounts, it allows you to open individual, business and multi-currency accounts in the platform. The account set-up is done in less than 48 hours. You can view and manage the accounts and transactions in the platform, both the ones you open in bOS and your external ones. As for safety, uQualify, the company behind bOS, is fully regulated and compliant and never holds or manages your funds. All accounts created through bOS are exclusively yours.
As for currency exchange, it gives you access to 160 currencies, both commonly traded and exotic. So you can easily pay and get paid globally, without the complexities and added costs.

Crypto payments in bOS are simple and streamlined. You don’t need to know anything about digital currencies to use them. When a client wants to pay you in crypto, they can send it to uQualify's digital wallet and then a team of experts will convert it to fiat and send it to you. In simpler terms, bOS is the intermediary between you and your client.
bOS bundles all these features and more, to provide the simplest and most efficient business operation management.
Real-World Impact and Efficiency Gains
Each business has different needs, so let’s consider how some, from various industries, can benefit from the services offered by single application solutions.

For instance, if you are a real estate agent, you can leverage services like currency exchange and crypto payments. With currency exchange, you can sell properties to international clients without worrying about exchange rates and what currency they use. And since the world is becoming more globalised, and you get more international clients, having a reliable platform is very important. With crypto payments, you can attract a new set of clients globally. So offering the ability to pay in crypto is crucial to expand your client base and prepare for the future.

If you are an FX breaker, single-application solutions can help you. You can use services like accounts and currency exchange to streamline your operations. If you use a platform like bOS, you can open a multi-currency account quickly to save your earnings in the currency of your choice. You can exchange in over 160 currencies, both common and exotic ones. And because bOS offers crypto-to-fiat integration, you can also trade in crypto. The transaction speed and security of bOS will save you significant time and reduce the risk of errors. And the excellent exchange rates offered will increase your profit margins substantially.

For entrepreneurs, single-application solutions are ideal for operation management. You can create fast and secure accounts and manage internal and external transactions on the platform. you can use the currency exchange service to get paid by an international partner or client. And you can enjoy faster, more secure and most importantly affordable transactions. You can integrate crypto payments to cater to the many who prefer paying in digital currencies.

The Future of Business Service Management
As the business landscape becomes more complicated single application solutions will become even more popular, especially platforms like bOS which are committed to innovation and are always evolving.

With constant advancements in technology, they will be able to offer you way more convenience. So you can expect regular updates and new features designed for improved efficiency.

So, as your business grows and evolves, you can trust that platforms like bOS will be able to support your changing needs.

Join bOS today, and enjoy more free time:

Dan Rodwell, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, uQualify

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Single-Application Solutions are taking over the market
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