European Parliament adopts plans for reduced energy consumption by new buildings by 2030

The European Parliament has adopted plans to help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions from the buildings sector, with 370 votes to 199 and 46 abstentions.

The revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive on 12 March also aims to have more worst-performing buildings renovated and improve information-sharing on energy performance.

While all new buildings should be zero-emission as of 2030, new buildings occupied or owned by public authorities should be zero-emission as of 2028. If technically and economically suitable, member states would have to deploy solar installations progressively in public and non-residential buildings, depending on their size, and in all new residential buildings by 2030.

According to the new directive, member states will have to renovate the 16% worst-performing non-residential buildings by 2030 and, by 2033, the worst-performing 26%. For residential buildings, member states will have to put in place measures to ensure a reduction in the average primary energy used of at least 16% by 2030 and at least 20 to 22% by 2035.

Also, member states must adopt measures to decarbonise heating systems, to phase out fossil fuels in heating and cooling by 2040. Subsidizing stand-alone fossil fuel boilers will be prohibited as of 2025, but financial incentives will still be possible for hybrid heating systems.

Buildings exempted from the regulations are the agricultural buildings and heritage buildings. EU countries may, also, decide to also exclude buildings protected for their special architectural or historical merit, temporary buildings, and churches and places of worship.

(Source: CNA)

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