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US Ambassador highlights Cyprus’ role as stability pillar in Eastern Mediterranean

In an era defined by conflict and rapidly changing geopolitical landscapes we see just how crucial Cyprus’ role is as a secure pillar of stability in the Eastern Mediterranean region, US Ambassador Julie Fisher has said.

Fisher was addressing an event at the University of Cyprus on 8 February.

She said that in Cyprus, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, we see up close, and have the opportunity to understand better than most, the ripple effects regional stability and instability can have on the global stage.

The Ambassador spoke about Hamas attack against Israeli civilians, the ongoing unjustified war in Ukraine and the Houthis assaults on commercial ships in Red Sea, pointing out that all these highlight just how crucial Cyprus’ role is as a secure pillar of stability in the Eastern Mediterranean region. 

US Ambassador noted that if regional security in our world today has become an intricate puzzle, education is the key that unlocks new, collaborative, and innovative solutions and the powerful antidote to rising intolerance and extremism.

Fisher further spoke about the economic cooperation between US and Cyprus, the travel and educational exchanges, the partnership to counter “illicit finance moving through Cyprus”, the implementation of sanctions on Russia, the cooperation to investigate cybercrime, organized crime, money laundering, fraud, romance scams, the exploitation of children and terrorism.

She specifically commented on the efforts to get humanitarian aid from Cyprus to Palestinian civilians in Gaza which have demonstrated creativity, flexibility, and diplomacy at all levels of the ROC government.

The Ambassador also said that data shows us that more than 27,000 Cypriots have studied or taught at U.S. higher education institutions since 1960; countless thousands more have participated in other non-degree exchange or language programs in the U.S.

The same data, she said, shows that in 2022, Cyprus sent the 5th highest percentage in Europe of its student population to the United States.

She noted also that the United States, as a longstanding proponent of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, stands ready to collaborate with Cyprus and other nations, in nurturing the talents of emerging leaders. Investing in the education and development of leaders in Cyprus, she underlined, is an investment into the future security of the island and the stability of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Fisher also praised the role of the University of Cyprus saying that since 1992, this University has become a beacon of scientific thought, diversity, and creativity, and a leading institution in the greater Euro-Mediterranean area. She further noted that at the heart of this university, we find a dedication to quality teaching, life-long learning, and innovation.

(Source: CNA)

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