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Mundfish launches hit game Atomic Heart’s second "Trapped in Limbo" DLC (video)

Cypriot game studio Mundfish has released a second "Trapped in Limbo" DLC for its highly successful game Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart was recently long-listed for a prestigious BAFTA Games Award. The plot of Atomic Heart takes place in an alternate USSR of the 1950s on the territory of the robot producttion research complex known as 'Facility 3826.' The founder of this complex is a brilliant scientist named Dmitry Sechenov, who invented a special substance called 'Polymer.' Thanks to this discovery, he was able to create Kollektiv—a neural network of assistant robots with artificial intelligence. The main character of the game is a special operations officer Major Nechaev. He must uncover the truth behind the rapid technological advancements.

Trapped in Limbo picks up right where the main game ends, exploring a different ending from the first Annihilation Instinct DLC. It invites gamers to venture into new sections of the twisted Limbo world, brimming with fan-favourite challenges with a unique Limbo flavour.

According to Mundish, " Atomic Heart: Trapped in Limbo DLC features crazy gameplay with new mechanics included in 3 different sections. Returning to the mysterious world of Limbo, you will need to get through the fan-favorite challenges, this time flavored with the madness of this unique world."

"You, along with the help of the Twin’s essence, formerly P-3's wife, will guide him through dizzying obstacles, unravel the secrets of his past and the enigmatic world of Limbo, and engage in a true combat extravaganza with uniquely designed opponents and weapons," Munfish says.

Artem Galeev, art director of the Mundfish studio, came up with the concept of the world of Limbo many years ago and revealed more about it during a Q&A shared by the company:


Galeev: Limbo is the world of the social unconscious. In classical view, this is the place where all the knowledge of civilization is collected. In the modern view, this resembles a GPT network. The real world and the world of Limbo are interconnected. Let's say it looks like a DNA helix, consisting of two lines that are connected by bridges:


Galeev: In the world of Limbo there are many countries, cultures, cities, and characters. They all exist as a projection of the real world. To us, everything in the world of Limbo may seem absurd, and to the inhabitants of Limbo, our real world also seems absurd.


Galeev: This is definitely not a world of nightmares. Visually, it looks more like a dream, where our daytime experiences are intertwined and packaged in strange combinations. Our unconscious fears and joys are objectified here, and we can see the reasons for our worries in specific images. On the part of the characters of Limbo, our real world is also intertwined and packaged in different combinations. Both worlds repeat each other, constantly deciphering and encryptintg each other.


Galeev: Let's imagine that a trip to Limbo is comparable to a trip to the future in the form of a dream. A character who finds himself in Limbo and has skills and deep knowledge of the structure of the real world will be able to see new connections in bizarre images, places, and events there. They will allow us to draw unique conclusions and literal scientific discoveries of the future that we do not yet know about. Just like Newton, who worked with abstract concepts of the future, was able to turn our understanding of the world upside down, opening up the sky and space for us to travel. P-3 here is comparable to a miracle character who violates the rules of interaction between worlds. He was able to adjust the rules of Limbo to suit his emotions, achieving a path both within and outside of Limbo

Gamers can also make the most of the Steam Pass shared by the company: STEAM (BASE GAME + ATOMIC PASS): V2J7P-ZL38M-5IY5Z

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