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Tourism Deputy Minister rules out loss of 0.5 million tourist arrivals in 2024

Tourism planning for 2024 is in no way short of 500,000 places compared to last year's planning, Deputy Minister of Tourism Costas Koumis has said in a written statement, adding that the necessary steps have been taken to minimise losses.

According to the Deputy Minister, "We have a difficult year ahead of us with many challenges, as the loss or partial loss of the second largest market for Cyprus, that of Israel, is unfortunately a reality for the country's tourism."

Koumis added that another challenge at this time is the global crisis in the air transport sector, which is affecting many airlines around the world, and which is also worrying the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, since according to reports several airlines have already been forced to ground a significant number of aircraft due to faulty engines.

"This is a problem that is expected to affect Cyprus unfortunately, as well as many other countries," Koumis noted, adding, however, that the necessary steps have been taken to minimize losses, which "in no way will be in the order of half a million seats."

The Deputy Minister also recalled that any losses are partly compensated either by the new routes that have already been added or by the increase in seats from specific countries, while also noting that contacts are constantly being made with airlines to increase their schedules to Cyprus, both in consultation with the Ministry of Transport and in cooperation with Hermes Airports.

He added that the challenges now include the recession into which the German economy is entering, according to yesterday's announcement by the Bundesbank, as well as the similar economic situation prevailing in Great Britain.

In his 20 February statement, Koumis also referred to the crisis in the shipping sector, which is also negatively affecting tourism, as it is raising the cost of raw materials, at a time when the tourism industry will not be able to compensate by increasing prices due to the economic situation in Europe.

(Source: CNA)

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