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Technology accelerator YC issues new call for startups (video)

Y Combinator Management, LLC (YC), an American technology startup accelerator, has invited startups around the world including Cyprus to apply for its support in a new Request For Startups (RFS).

Applications for the YC Summer 2024 batch are open now and the early deadline to apply for the batch is 20 February.

The accelerator has already given its backing to at least one company with links to Cyprus, namely, Malloc, a mobile app that monitors and prevents any app from recording you or transmitting your data without you knowing.

According to YC this new RFS lists 20 categories, each suggested and explained by at least one YC Group Partner:

“These are by no means the only ideas we’ll accept — many of the best ideas are the ones we would never expect — but if you aren't sure what you want to work on, these RFSs should provide a useful jumping off point to begin your ideation process,” the accelerator notes.

Click here to find out more and apply.

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