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Deputy Minister Damianou in Brussels for Informal Competitiveness Council

Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy Dr Nikodemos Damianou is travelling to Brussels to participate in the Informal Competitiveness Council (research) taking place on 14-15 February.

A press release said that the Ministers will discuss the alteration of the European Framework for Research and Innovation towards a more transformative policy, having a broader social and economic impact.

They will also debate on the importance of motivating cooperation between public authorities, research and business community and society for sustainable development and prosperity.

The press release said that Ministers will exchange views on the role of technological progress in strengthening the EU's competitiveness and addressing major challenges such as decarbonizing industry, setting up recommendations on more effective ways to promote the adoption of green technologies in industry and society.

On February 16th the Deputy Minister will participate in a ministerial meeting also organized by the EU Belgian Presidency, on the sidelines of which a joint ministerial declaration will be signed regarding the formation of a framework for international cooperation in the field of research and innovation, based on common principles and values.

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