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Vatican inaugurates Embassy in Cyprus (pics)

The Vatican’s Apostolic Nunciature in Cyprus was inaugurated on 26 January by the Deputy Prime Minister from the Vatican, Mons Edgar Pena Parra, in the presence of the Archbishop of Cyprus as well as a number of church and state officials.

Prior to the ceremony, Pena Parra had meetings with President Nikos Christodoulides and House President Annita Demetriou.


“Today we inaugurate the Pope’s home in the small geographically but huge historically Cyprus,” said Pena Parra, paying special mention to Cyprus’ Maronite community and the need to protect their rights in the occupied Maronite villages.


During the ceremony, the Holy See awarded the lawyer Joseph G. Hadjihannas with the Medal of the Order of Saint Gregory the Great for his contribution to society and human rights. The Medal of the Order of Saint Gregory the Great is one of the highest honours awarded by the Holy See.


The Representative of the Maronite community, Yiannakis Mousas, said he personally but also the entire community were extremely proud of Hadjihannas. “It is an honour for him, his family, his community but also Cyprus,” said Mousas, adding that the lawyer is a strong ambassador for the Maronite community’s rights.


Joseph G. Hadjihannas founded the Hadjihannas Group of Companies and specialises in corporate law. He is a highly esteemed member of Cyprus’ business world and has stood out for his skills in successfully implementing short- and long-term plans with a knack for making the impossible become possible, while he has contributed with his significant knowledge and experience as a Board of Directors member of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cyprus Italy Business Association, and more.


Joseph Hadjihannas holds the honorary position of First Counsellor of the Embassy of the Order of the Knights of Malta in Cyprus and in close cooperation with the vision and mission of Caritas Cyprus has dedicated his charitable activity to the promotion of integrated human development, social justice and sustainable social systems.

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