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Ad campaign for Cyprus-HQed Nexters lauded by expert site (videos)

A video ad campaign for Nexters, an international game development company with headquarters in Cyprus, has caught the eye of advertising industry expert website Ads of the World.

The professional campaign, titled 'Hero Wars Is Yours,' was published in Germany and Poland earlier this month.

The marketing company that created the campaign, Zorka.Agency, is registered in Limassol, with projects around the world.

As Nexters noted in a post on its LinkedIn page, “We have once again made it to the top of the best commercials on the website Ads of the World! This time, with a new campaign in Poland - Hero Wars is Yours! The website collects the most creative advertisements, but it's especially cool to see us on the front page again, not for the first time!”

Ads of the World is part of the Clio Network of sites that, according to the site, “Celebrates creativity, inspires a competitive marketplace of ideas, and fosters meaningful connections within the creative community.”

Videos from the campaign created for Nexters by Zorka.Agency can be seen below:

As noted by Ads of the World, "In a quest to redefine Hero Wars by Nexters, Zorka.Agency crafted a narrative unlike any other. Tired of clichés, the team ditched typical stress triggers and opted for a metaphorical journey — a roller coaster of life's ups and downs.

As our protagonist puts down his phone, he steps into the stress storm. But with the flick of a game switch, he's transported to Hero Wars, a realm of joy and escape. Adding a twist, the campaign introduced a larger-than-life character, embodying both the recent ‘Giantess’ trend and a deep sense of satisfaction.

With the tagline "Hero Wars Is Yours," the campaign stormed through digital platforms and TV, garnering high engagement and elevating brand awareness. Zorka.Agency's inventive storytelling turned Hero Wars into a sanctuary — a place where stress surrenders, and joy triumphs. "Hero Wars Is Yours" isn't just a tagline; it's a promise kept."

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