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Cyprus House President awards medal, advocates women's rights in Paris visit

Τhe President of the House of Representatives Annita Demetriou awarded the Medal of the House to former President and current Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence, and Armed Forces, Senator Christian Cambon, during a special ceremony at the French Senate.

Demetriou on 18 January concluded her meetings, as part of her official visit to Paris. According to a House announcement, in her address, Demetriou described Cambon as a sincere and selfless friend of Cyprus, who, through his actions in the Senate, highlighted the pivotal geostrategic role of Cyprus in an extremely volatile region. She stressed the need to further deepen strategic cooperation between France and Cyprus as preferred partners.

Highlighting the foundation of the collaboration between the two nations on European principles, House President Demetriou emphasised the shared vision for peace, stability, and cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

Cambon, expressing his commitment, assured Demetriou that he would continue advocating for Cyprus, addressing issues such as violations of international law and maritime rights against the Republic of Cyprus, both within the French Senate and on the international stage.

He also underscored that, given the complex challenges in the broader Middle East region, the voice of France must be heard even louder against these violations.

In addition to diplomatic engagements, President Demetriou met with the President of the Administrative Board of the CLEF network. The CLEF network coordinates the actions of 62 women's organisations in France, and discussions focused on the escalating challenges surrounding the protection and preservation of women's rights.

Demetriou emphasised the urgent need for unity and collective action to enact necessary legislation and ensure its effective implementation. Gender equality and women's empowerment were highlighted as key priorities on the political agenda.

In this context, there was an exchange of information regarding the legislation on these issues in the two countries, and views were exchanged on effective ways of collaboration to achieve the desired goals, the announcement concludes.

(Source: CNA)

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