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"Empowering dreams together!" - 5th Petrolina Festival held with great success

The 5th Petrolina Festival, celebrating the message "Empowering dreams together!", was held with great success, with part of the proceeds along with an additional donation of €20,000 being handed to the "One Dream One Wish" Association.

The event took place on 24 September at Larnaca’s Europe Square, with the participation of thousands of visitors of all ages and distinguished guests, who shared their support for the “One Dream One Wish” Association. It was also attended by the President of the House of Representatives and Acting President of Cyprus, Annita Demetriou.

The public’s participation along with the dedication and hard work of more than 300 volunteers, including from the Petrolina Community, Petrolina Kids Community and other volunteer friends, the 5th Petrolina Festival exceeded all expectations, strengthening the cause of the "One Dream One Wish" Association.

Besides its charitable character, the festival included a multitude of engaging activities, including on-site booths that provided an array of games suitable for the entire family, complemented by a diverse and high-quality artistic program. The event's host was Christiana Aristotelous.

The Festival concluded with a concert by Giorgos Sambanis. Entrance and participation for all games were free while part of the proceeds from the sale of food and drinks will be donated to the "One Dream One Wish" Association. Furthermore, Petrolina supported the Association with an additional donation of €20,000, which was given to its President, George Penintaex during the event.

The presence of Petrolina Racing Team champion Alexandros Tsouloftas with his racing car, and footballers from the charitable organisation "Goal in Life" added to the event’s grandeur, as they interacted with the public and gave autographs.

Executive Director of Petrolina (Holdings) Public Ltd, Georgia Lefkariti, expressed special thanks to the volunteers who tirelessly and passionately worked for yet another year, serving as the heart and soul of the Festival. She also expressed joy and gratitude for the response of the people to Petrolina’s call to support "One Dream One Wish" Association. She stated, "We are confident that the 5th Petrolina Festival will fulfil the wishes of children and will serve as an embrace filled with smiles and hope for life." In conclusion, she emphasised that "in this journey, we stand together for a common purpose, empowering dreams together."

Addresses were also delivered by the CEO of Petrolina, Dinos Lefkaritis, the President of the "One Dream One Wish" Association, George Penintaex, and the Mayor of Larnaca, Andreas Vyras.

The Minister of Energy, Commerce, and Industry, George Papanastasiou, as well as the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Marilena Evangelou, both spoke about Petrolina's long-term social contribution, and the work carried out by the "One Dream One Wish" Association.

The Festival concluded with an address by Annita Demetriou. She praised Petrolina's contribution to Cypriot society, congratulating them for their longstanding support. "It is an honour to be here today, to bring smiles and hope to the children," she stated.

The Festival was also attended by various mayors, members of parliament, municipal councillors, and other officials.

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