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Cyprus Children's Fund awards $34,500 in scholarships

The Cyprus Children's Fund, within the framework of the Scholarship Program, has selected 16 students for the 2023 Scholarship Awards of a total amount of $34,500, with the aim of supporting Greek students studying in American Universities.

According to a CCF announcement, the members of the Scholarship Committee of the organization, supported their choices according to the needs and merit of the candidates as they received a large number of applications. The list included students studying at NYU, Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Rhode Island, University of Miami, UCLA, University of North Florida, Manhattan School of Music, Northeastern University and the Juilliard School of the Arts.

As stated by Chairwoman Elena Anastasiou Rossi, the Fund is proud to continue offering the scholarships despite the difficult circumstances. "Despite the challenging conditions we continue to navigate, we are very committed to providing scholarship support for students earning graduate and undergraduate degrees in American colleges and universities. This year’s recipients are pursuing a wide range of study and research including theology, the arts and literature, law, medicine, education and many fields of science and technology" she said.

The President of the Cyprus Children's Fund Nicos Zittis stated that "despite the continuing difficult financial environment, our organization continues to provide scholarships to students of Hellenic descent attending colleges and universities in the United States. This year we offered scholarships in the amount of $34,500 to a group of very talented young women and men who will be pursuing diversified undergraduate and graduate degrees at some of the most prestigious universities in the country. We were very impressed with their academic and non-academic achievements and feel confident that they will become very successful in the careers they choose to pursue.”

The 2024 scholarship applications will be available January 1, 2024 to students of Hellenic origin who are citizens of the United States, Greece and/or Cyprus. Eligible students must be enrolled in September 2023 on a full-time basis at a US accredited College or University. All applications must be submitted the latest by April 30, 2024 and must follow all instructions, it is noted. Applications will be available on the organisation’s website

The 16 students who received a scholarship for 2023 are Jayla Paschalis (Cyprus-US Chamber of Commerce funded scholarship in memory of Dennis Droushiotis), Stephanos Kyprianou, Christos Metaxas, Ilias Kyriakides, Alexandros Darna, Andriana Kyriakidou, Litsa Dimitropoulos, Andrew Haralambous, Angelo Pitsilli, Zoe Vrakas, Daniela Kefalas, Nicolette Damianou, Eirene Fithian, Konstantina Socratous, Kypros Dereschuk, Rafael Stavrides.

(Source: CNA)

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