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P.F. ‘Yiannis Christodoulou Foundation’ inaugurates six new projects

Six new projects have been completed and are already bringing joy and entertainment to children and teenagers – students of our country, through another generous contribution of the P.F. ‘Yiannis Christodoulou Foundation’.

As stated in a Foundation announcement, these are a new sensory room in the Special School of Nicosia, a playground at the 'Ayios Spyridonas' Special School in Larnaca, a modern outdoor shelter at the 'Evangelismos' Special School in Nicosia, a playground at the 'Ayios Varnavas' School for the Blind in Nicosia, special equipment at the 'Apostolos Varnavas' Special School in Liopetri, and an art project at Lanitio Lyceum in Limassol.

All the projects were funded by the Philanthropic Foundation 'Yiannis Christodoulou Foundation' and were completed under the close supervision of the Foundation's executives.

The offering for these projects to the Special Schools took place after a special Gala Dinner organised by John Christodoulou in 2021, with the gracious contribution of the now-iconic singer, Anna Vissi. All nine (9) Special Schools of Cyprus were supported with the money raised at the aforementioned Gala Dinner. The remaining projects are expected to be inaugurated in the near future.

Inauguration by John Christodoulou

The inauguration will be conducted by John Christodoulou himself, who will be traveling to Cyprus in early October, specifically for this purpose.

As he himself states, "I feel quite moved seeing the joy in the eyes of the children after every project. Our children, who are the future of our country and of every country, give back what we offer them today in their own way. If we provide material goods, they will learn to give back to others, when they grow up. If we teach them principles and kindness, they will apply them to build a better society tomorrow. Therefore, whatever we give today to our children, our society will receive it back in the future, manifold."

Along with John Christodoulou, the schools will also be visited by the young entrepreneur Hannah-Kathleen Hawkshaw, known for her involvement in non-profit and philanthropic work as well as singing.

Hannah is the cousin of HSH Albert II, Prince of Monaco, affectionately embracing her role as 'one of his Irish cousins on the Kelly side'. With a remarkable list of accomplishments to her name, she is deeply committed to making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

High-ranking state officials are also expected to attend the inauguration, as the contribution of the ‘Yiannis Christodoulou Foundation' represents yet another successful application of public-private sector collaboration in our country.

Over 50 projects have been offered by the ‘Yianis Christodoulou Foundation’ so far.

The above-mentioned completed projects add to the list of a plethora of projects that have been carried out mainly in Cyprus but also abroad, with the resources of the 'Yianis Christodoulou Foundation'. The projects aim to provide improved educational and recreational conditions to the school environment, especially for the children who need them the most. They also add to plenty of other recreational and educational activities of the Foundation, such as the recent student contest for the best photograph and video, which simultaneously promoted the culture and beauty of our Cyprus. This competition culminated in an award ceremony in Limassol, with the participation of celebrities such as Konstantinos Argiros, Anna Vissi, Marianna Latsi, Christian Moore, and several distinguished visitors from Monaco.


For more information about the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation, you can visit the website at

You can also visit their Social Media pages on Facebook: and on Instagram

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