Technology category powered by, the innovative employee well-being platform, the innovative employee well-being platform, has taken the Cyprus market by storm.

In just six months, it has attracted dozens of satisfied client companies and hundreds of happy employees who enjoy the benefits of a flexible and diverse fitness membership. is a game-changer in the field of employee well-being. It offers access to over 160 different sports and fitness facilities and activities across Cyprus, all in one convenient platform. Whether you prefer gym sessions, yoga classes, swimming, dance studios, rock climbing, tennis, or anything else, you can find it on And the best part is, you can switch between these options as often as you like, depending on your mood and preference.

Using is as easy as pie. All you need is the SportBenefit mobile app, which lets you browse and choose your desired activity in seconds. Once you arrive at the location, just scan the QR code with your app, wait for the staff to approve your visit, and voila - you’re ready to sweat!

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what the SportBenefit Team and its clients have to say about

Dmitry Pipko, the Head of Business Development of, is thrilled by the positive feedback the service has gotten after the launch. “Cyprus is a market that truly appreciates innovation and well-being. Our platform is not just about fitness; it’s about giving employees the power to choose what makes them happy and healthy. HR professionals are realizing how it can transform their workplaces.”

Zinaida Rotaru, Mayflower Compensation and Benefit Leader, is one of those HR professionals who has seen the difference can make. “We’ve made an excellent decision to improve our employees’ fitness, which has resulted in their happiness. This program has allowed us to provide coverage for all types of sports and eliminated the need for me as C&B to manage communication with seven different gyms and academies. As a result, my workload has decreased significantly., thank you!” is not only a great solution for employee well-being, but also a smart choice for business efficiency. It offers a number of advantages for companies that want to enhance their sports compensation programs:

● No long-term contract required: You can start or stop using anytime you want, with no hassle or penalty.

● Streamline accounting: One invoice for all the staff members and all their memberships.

● Easy administration: You can manage your account online, and get support from the SportBenefit dedicated team.

● Financial savings: Offering corporate sports membership can yield significant tax savings as in proven to reduce # of sick days of staff.

Filip Wolek, the CEO of, sums up the company’s mission statement: “Our goal is to make Cyprus companies not only more competitive but also more caring about their employees’ overall happiness.” is also a great resource for anyone who wants to discover the amazing variety of sports and fitness options in Cyprus. By putting all SportBenefit partner locations (more than 160 at the moment) on the map of Cyprus on the SportBenefit website, the team allowed everyone to easily find and review the best places to exercise nearby. Whether you’re looking for a gym, a yoga studio, a swimming pool, or anything else, you can find it on has become the ultimate guide to the Cyprus fitness scene. is also a proud supporter of the local fitness and sports community. By partnering with numerous local sports facilities, it connects international and local sports enthusiasts and fosters a sense of community that extends beyond the workplace.

Don’t miss out on this innovative solution! Ride the wave of innovation and prioritize your employees’ happiness and health with Contact them today for more details at

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