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Paphos hotels anticipate 80% occupancy for September and October

The occupancy of hotels in Paphos is expected to reach 80% during the months of September and October, according to the President of the Cyprus Hotel Association, Thanos Michaelides.

In statements to CNA, Michaelides described the anticipated occupancy levels for the months of September and October as satisfactory, noting at the same time that there is significant interest in last-minute bookings.

Our goal, he continued, is to improve hotel occupancy and income.

Regarding airport arrivals, Michaelides stated that the recently reported number of arrivals was correct, but pointed out that the figure concerned the arrivals of all travelers, as there are people who come to Cyprus for work, others to visit their family and friends and there are people who come for tourism but stay in other accommodation and not in hotels.

Also, he said, there are those who visit the occupied territories for which no specific data are available except when surveys are done from time to time by asking visitors questions.

Regarding the month of August, Michaelides said that in Paphos occupancy ranged between 90%-95%.

Regarding November, he added that it is expected to move satisfactorily without, however, having a complete picture at this stage. During that time, he said, costs are expected to remain high and income to be lower.

(Source: CNA)

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