Maria Militsopoulou nominated for prestigious 2023 Executive Coach Award

YouDream Consulting has announced the nomination of its CEO/ CVO Maria Militsopoulou, an Inspirational and Transformative Coach & Mentor, for the prestigious 2023 Best Executive Coach Award.

This recognition reflects Maria Militsopoulou's exceptional contributions to the field of executive coaching and her profound impact on individual and organisational growth, an announcement from the company said.

Having many years of experience, Militsopoulou has consistently demonstrated a commitment to guiding leaders and organisations toward achieving their highest potential. Through her unique blend of insightful guidance, strategic thinking, and personalised coaching methodologies, Militsopoulou has earned a reputation for fostering transformational change and driving exceptional results leading to transcendence, the announcement goes on to note.

"'I am deeply honored and at the same time humbled to receive this nomination," Militsopoulou shared, "Great leaders are the architects of possibility, planting seeds of progress and constructing bridges to a better future. Working with individuals and teams to help them reach their highest potential has been incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. This nomination is a reflection of the collaborative efforts of those I have had the privilege to work with."

The nomination comes under the umbrella of the Women Empowerment Worldwide Leadership Movement, an international initiative championing women's empowerment. Militsopoulou’s leadership within this movement has been instrumental in uplifting women, breaking barriers, and fostering inclusive leadership paradigms.

This recognition not only highlights Militsopoulou dedication but also puts the island of Cyprus on the global map. As an advocate for women's empowerment and a trailblazer in the coaching landscape, Militsopoulou is proudly showcasing Cyprus to the world. Her nomination underscores the island's commitment to excellence, innovation, and progress on an international stage.

The Coach Awards based in Singapore recognise coaching professionals who exhibit unparalleled expertise, commitment to ethical coaching practices, and a lasting impact on their clients' personal and professional development internationally. Militsopoulou’s extensive portfolio of success stories stand as a testament to her ability to empower leaders to overcome challenges, capitalise on strengths, and achieve exceptional goals, emphasising on Women Empowerment and Positive Leadership.

The selection process for the award is underway (click here to cast your vote) and the winner will be announced on 11 October. Regardless of the outcome, Militsopoulou's impact on the coaching and mentoring landscape is undeniable, the announcement said, adding, that "the Transformative Journey will be continued with unwavering dedication."

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