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SMT Shipping: An early adopter of groundbreaking VentoFoil system

Cyprus-based SMT Shipping is an early adopter of the groundbreaking propulsion system known as VentoFoil, developed by the Dutch company eConowind.

This innovative solution was successfully installed on the SUNNANVIK, a cement carrier owned by Eureka Shipping – a joint venture between SMT Shipping and CSL – the company announced in June.

VentoFoil incorporates flexible, vertical wing-shaped elements that effectively harness wind energy, translating it into additional propulsion for maritime vessels. As a result, fuel consumption is significantly reduced, aligning with the emission reduction targets set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The system’s aerodynamic ingenuity lies in its intelligent suction mechanism, which precisely controls airflow around the wings, optimizing their force in relation to their size.

Projections indicate that the SUNNANVIK is poised to achieve an impressive 10% reduction in fuel usage, and initial operational data supports these promising expectations. Sławomir Pyż, Director of Design and Special Projects at SMT Shipping, emphasizes that implementing this innovative solution on the SUNNANVIK—a vessel with 45 years of service – will substantially extend its lifespan.

“By embracing the power of wind energy through VentoFoil, SMT Shipping realises significant fuel savings demonstrates the company’s commitment to fostering a more environmentally responsible maritime industry,” the company said.

Read about this and more of the company's news on SMT Shipping’s new website:

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