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V. Polykarpou: Cyprus’ ability to attract highly qualified professionals is being strengthened

Technology companies operating in Cyprus, and especially the TechIsland organisation which represents them, have welcomed with great satisfaction the modernisation of the legislative framework that governs the granting of citizenship to highly skilled professionals, as well as to members of their families.

The modernisation of the legislative framework is a result of the House Plenum approving a relevant proposal for a law tabled on behalf of the DIKO parliamentary group by the president of the party, Nikolas Papadopoulos, on the basis of which the relevant Civil Registry Laws were amended.

The legistlation that was passed has essentially opened the way to attracting highly qualified individuals and their families to our island for employment. This is something which is considered certain to give further impetus to the technology sector in our country which has already been rapidly developing in recent years.

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And, given the lack of local expertise, the need to attract and retain highly qualified technology professionals from abroad, in order to support the development of the technology sector for the benefit of the Cyprus economy as a whole, was and is still considered necessary.

Speaking to InBusinessNews, Valentinos Polykarpou, Chairman of TechIsland, Executive Director, Global HR Ops & Services / General Manager, Cyprus at Wargaming described the modernisation of the legal framework for naturalisation as a development that constitutes yet another essential measure towards strengthening the competitiveness of Cyprus. This is also an important step in the context of the wider strategy of the country to establish itself as a technological hub, Polykarpou suggested.

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"The adoption by the House of Representatives of the proposed law that aims to modernise the existing legislative framework regarding the qualifications and criteria for the naturalisation of highly trained professionals from abroad is a positive development, which we welcome," Polykarpou said.

"This development", he continued, "constitutes yet another essential measure in the direction of strengthening the competitiveness of Cyprus, in the context of the country's wider strategy to establish itself as a technological hub."

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In this context, Valentinos Polykarpou indicated that the modernisation of the existing legislative framework strengthens the position of Cyprus to attract quality foreign investments and highly qualified professionals, which in turn, as he pointed out, will fuel economic growth and prosperity, create new employment opportunities for the local population and enhance the global reputation of our country.

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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