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C.A.PAPAELLINAS makes donation for pedestrian bridge in Latsia

C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group has donated a significant sum of money to the Municipality of Latsia to build a pedestrian bridge, as part of the company’s strategy for sustainability and support to local communities.

The pedestrian bridge, which will serve as a reference point for the wider area of Latsia, will be built in front of the Town Hall’s main entrance and will extend to the municipal parking lot, on the opposite side of Yiannos Kranidiotis Avenue. It will span 22.90m with a height of 5.50m from the ground surface. It will be made of steel, and access will be provided using a combination of staircases and elevators located at both ends. The bridge will also be fully accessible to people with special access needs.

The project will serve the visitors of the Town Hall and the Municipal Theatre, ensuring their unhindered and secure access.

The project has been awarded, through calls for tenders, to Cyview Developers Ltd. The Chief Executive Officer of C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group, Christos Papaellinas, was present at the signing of the contract assignment agreement and was warmly thanked by the Mayor of Latsia, Christos Pittaras, who said that he was proud of the fact that companies such as C.A.PAPAELLINAS have their headquarters in Latsia.

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