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The Landmark Nicosia set to reopen as part of Autograph Collection Hotels as point of reference for the capital

The CEO of the globally renowned design and architecture studio D/DOCK, Coen van Dijck, presents the elements that inspired the interior design of the lobby and other common areas of the hotel which is expected to re-open in 2024, as The Landmark Nicosia, Autograph Collection, following an extensive renovation. In an interview with CBN, Mr van Dijck explains the reasons why his firm chose elements related to the journey and character of the historic hotel for the interior design of the project.

At the same time, he refers to the materials they chose and reveals details on the layout and features of the public spaces, elements that make the project unique, helping it regain its former status as a landmark in the centre of the capital.


What are the key characteristics of the new hotel The Landmark Nicosia, Autograph Collection? Which key materials have you used?

The Landmark Nicosia, Autograph Collection is located in a new development area, and comprises a public park and two high-rise buildings, the first designated for offices and the latter for residences. A vast underground parking will be developed, which will help meet the city’s need for more parking spaces.

As such, the renovation will boost the significance of the hotel’s common areas, with its restaurants, shops, gym and wellness and MICE spaces, turning The Landmark Nicosia, Autograph Collection into an important hub and meeting point for local leisure and business guests as well as international visitors, while offering more private and exclusive membership options.

Through the front side of the hotel, guests will be able to access the development’s restaurants, the hotel’s main entrance, and the conference annex. The ground floor will be a welcoming public space that leads to an inner garden at the back of the hotel, offering a more intimate and private setting for meetings.

Our objective is to blend these two features, in an exclusive and cosmopolitan way. We believe that the hotel’s strategic design and use of common areas will strengthen the hotel’s bleisure aspect, satisfying both the business and leisure needs of its customers.


What are the main materials you have chosen and why?

We have used a large variety of materials, since our aim is to create unique tailored to specific functionalities. However, we work with a consistent base of architectural materials, that helps bind all the individual spaces together.

Examples of this are the terrazzo floors with marble pinstripe inserts that create structure and placemaking, the ceilings which vary according to each area but harmonise the space, and the different partitions that help the guests move from space to space, like carabotini panels, glass doors, portals and sliding panels.

The design is enriched through exciting patterns in upholstery and wallcoverings.

What are the design characteristics that make it unique, setting it apart from other hotels?

Our design approach is to create a high-end exclusive contemporary ambiance which helps preserve the memory of the hotel. The strongest memories are made from unique experiences, and when those experiences become rituals, they build traditions. The uniqueness of the design is based on the development of a ground floor that offers guests a journey of discovery, with different atmospheres comprising each zone; where large spaces are broken down into smaller unique and cosy areas, filled with surprises.


What was the inspiration behind this design? Is the design somehow connected to the broader experience that the destination offers?

For decades, the former hotel served as the meeting point for prominent local and international figures in diplomacy, art and fashion. Upon joining Autograph Collection Hotels which champions individuality, The Landmark Nicosia, Autograph Collection is set to impress guests by offering a new version of the hotel, enriched by a cosmopolitan digital community.

It remains at the crossroads between the West and the Middle East, serving as the meeting point for the up-and-coming Cypriot elite – a place where the new 'savoir faire' goes hand in hand with the lifestyle of the guests.

Anchored by Autograph Collection’s distinct perspectives on design and hospitality, the hotel transformation envisions a new contemporary interpretation of tradition, bringing together old and young generations, different cultures and lifestyles – offering an informal ‘etiquette’ for exclusive accommodation.

Traditionally, ground-breaking ideas are often born in informal settings, behind the official decorum. During dinner, when the sword is left at the table. In between sharing rumours in the bathhouse. When meeting in a fabulous manor house, having relaxed conversations in the drawing room.

Each Autograph Collection offers “The Mark” – a guest experience unique to the hotel. The adagio of the “Do’s of the Diplomat” unfolds in several spaces where guests can indulge themselves, like the cosy and elegantly informal Grand Room, with adjacent drawing rooms, a library, and the Lobby Bar. These spaces offer a combination of settings for small-talk, more secluded enclaves for discrete meetings, a comfortable destination to unwind, read or work. However, there is one main space representing the Mark in its essence: the area where guests are welcomed. It is the hotel’s Magic Box, a pavilion which speaks to the imagination: a legendary gift room, which exhibits objects from remarkable people and states. The perfect conversation starter when guests are checking in.

Does the lobby’s design feature any local elements or draw influences from Cypriot culture?

The design has been influenced by Cypriot tradition and features local materials. The lobby’s design is mostly based on the rich history of The Landmark Nicosia, Autograph Collection building itself.

What is your design philosophy / approach as a company?

As a dynamic studio of thought leaders and design pioneers, we are driven by our creative integrity and an entrepreneurial spirit. We design spaces that go beyond functionality and aesthetics, but that also promote health and wellbeing, whilst facilitating behavioural transformation, and social contribution. Our work is based on thorough research and a commitment to environmental responsibility, reflecting our dedication to a sustainable and circular future. Our approach entails working closely with clients to understand their needs, while ensuring that our designs go beyond expectations. We always seek out and value our clients’ input as it enables us to design spaces that resonate with their vision and objectives.

How do you combine contemporary and traditional elements?

We strive to create harmonious spaces with a timeless feel. We combine the best elements of each style in a way that one complements the other. Our goal is to create a design that feels cohesive and inviting, where the blend of contemporary and traditional elements compliments the space as a whole, while respecting its unique history and original function.

Tell us a few words about D/DOCK and some of the bigger projects it has designed.

D/DOCK is an Amsterdam-based design and architecture studio known for its innovative and human-centric approach. The studio focuses on creating spaces that inspire people, as well as promote wellbeing, and collaboration. At the same time, the studio has been widely recognised for its work in the hospitality, workplace, and real estate markets. Some examples in the hospitality market are: Le Meridien Frankfurt, M Marriott Amsterdam, Amstel Hotel Amsterdam, Hilton Chengdu, Hotel de L’ Europe, Tribute Amsterdam and Loopland Resort Puerto Rico. Through the design of The Landmark Nicosia, Autograph Collection, D/DOCK expands its business activities to yet another country.

As far as the workspace industry is concerned D/DOCK has designed offices across the globe for companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, JetBrains, Unilever, and Danone. As a design pioneer, D/DOCK assists organisations in their efforts to set up their post-Covid hybrid offices and transform them into thriving communities.

D/DOCK's portfolio extends beyond office spaces and hotels, encompassing diverse projects in sectors such as healthcare and residential design, which established the studio as a prominent player in the design and architecture scene in The Netherlands and beyond, driven by one mission: Applied Imagination.

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