Ambrosia: How a vegan bakery is thriving in Limassol

Dovilė Savickaitė had been living and working in Cyprus for a number of years before creating the vegan bakery Ambrosia in Limassol.

IN Business magazine recently reported how Savickaitė has taken on the challenge of creating traditional and modern desserts without using any animal products.

Dovile Savickaite Ambrosia vegan bakery

Each one of the resulting products is proof that vegan bakery goods can be just as delicious as the classic versions.

As someone who embraces challenge and always seeks excellent results, Savickaitė said that she saw the creation of complex desserts without using animal products as an opportunity to express her creativity.

Armed with her expertise as a food scientist and nutritionist, Savickaitė focused on her efforts to help people lead a better and healthier life, promoting a way of eating that respects the environment and the planet.

vegan chocolate salted caramel cake

She also took on the challenge of changing the widely-held and incorrect assumption that vegan food is bland and boring.

Savickaitė’s bakery offers vegan and no animal product choices for events, birthday cakes, tarts, and fresh fruit cakes. Vegan desserts that also stand out include fudge brownies and carrot cheesecake.

“We can transform our customers’ ideas into vegan creations for any occasion,” Savickaitė said, noting that the public response to the new vegan choices on offer had already been very positive.

“The basic difference after all,” she continued, “is not in the taste but in the ingredients. Vegan desserts are more sustainable for our planet, are usually made with a higher quality of ingredients and less sugar, and are generally healthier and more natural.”

Vegan carrot cheesecake

Savickaitė said the bakery uses products such as fruit and berries mainly from local producers, high-quality chocolate, and natural sweeteners such as maple syrup. Evert dessert is made by hand and created with attention to detail so that it is pleasing to the eye as well as to the palate.

The greatest challenge the company faces is remaining competitive, Savickaitė reveals, “Our prices are higher than those at a chain store. However, they reflect the quality of the ingredients, and the amount of work and thought that we invest in everything we make.”

Future plans for Ambrosia include adding new products to the menu and making brand products available to cafes.

Vegan chocolate

Christmas and other vegan baking workshops are also planned as part of the company’s philosophy of educating and bringing people closer together through food and the vegan way of thinking. The bakery aims to show that vegan choices have nothing to envy the classic versions for, and also contribute to consumers’ good health as well as to the sustainability of the planet.

(Photo of Dovilė Savickaitė: Giorgos Charal, other photos from the Facebook page)

(Source: IN Business Magazine, InBusinessNews)

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