ECOMMBX: Why the company prefers unity over uniformity

Executives at ECOMMBX recently talked about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Read on to learn more about what Katiana Moussa, HR Manager, Ekaterina Vanchikova, Transaction Monitoring Officer, Eliza Zalimi, Transaction Monitoring Manager, Viktoria Askalidou, Head of Transaction Monitoring, Lee Diana, Senior Officer Business Development, and Isavella Karoyian, Junior Officer Business Development had to say.

Katiana Moussa, HR Manager at ECOMMBX, explains that diversity and inclusion are vital for corporate survival, as they enhance unity, communication and the rejection of outdated and restrictive stereotypes.

What does diversity mean to you and why is it important for your company?

Diversity comes in many forms. It covers differences in ethnicity, age, religion, gender, educational background or simply different ways of thinking, and it is a fundamental key to success. Whenever you bring a diverse set of people together in a company, you automatically and naturally enrich your corporate culture with multiple layers that can be extremely valuable in tackling and solving any challenges that may arise. We echo what Mary Parker Follett said: “Unity, not uniformity, must be our aim. We attain unity only through variety. Differences must be integrated, not annihilated, not absorbed.” Indeed, we believe that diversity in the workplace is a great asset, especially when it comes to developing our business plan and decision-making. The combination of talents, skillsets and cultural perspectives delivers the best possible outcome, with a multispectral impact on our company’s vision and on society as a whole. Our diverse workplace nurtures greater understanding among our members. We accept and appreciate uniqueness, we develop mutual respect and break down stereotypes. Without a doubt, this helps us achieve our common goals and will ultimately reform the industry’s landscape.

What are some of the strategies that you have implemented to create an inclusive environment that respects and values diversity?

As a company we realise that diversity is vital for our survival, and we therefore consciously and deliberately embrace it to a great extent. We strongly encourage our people to be as clear as possible in both verbal and written communication, bearing in mind cultural sensitivity and certain lines which may not be crossed, in order not to offend any personal beliefs and/or ethics. We also make sure that corporate strategies and processes are designed, developed and presented in a way that can be easily understood and effectively applied by all, irrespective of background and generation. In addition, we make sure that diverse recruits, i.e. different ethnicities, are embedded and welcomed in our local teams where they will not feel alienated. On that note, we also encourage our people to communicate in English as it is a language that we all understand and ensures that non-Greek speakers never feel left out.

What are the main challenges associated with managing a diverse workforce?

One of the main challenges of managing a diverse workforce is communication. Past experiences, culture and mindset might lead to a different understanding or interpretation of issues and situations. In addition, diverse cultural beliefs can become a challenge at times, as members may struggle to separate their ethnic and personal beliefs from their emotional reactions and work obligations. The generation gap is another interesting challenge as the more mature generations learn to adapt to a workplace and corporate culture changes driven by the younger generation. On the other hand, the younger generation often has higher expectations and less patience than older generations, and that might cause a bit of frustration. At the end of the day, all these challenges can be successfully managed and tackled through clear communication. A deeper understanding of our different characteristics as individuals helps us find common ground, which will allow us to flourish.

How does diversity in the workplace contribute to organisational success and how can it be leveraged as a competitive advantage in the business world?

Diversity in the workplace contributes massively to our organisational success. It offers us a clear competitive advantage in the business world as the ECOMMBX culture is genuinely inclusive, fully embracing its members’ thoughts, opinions, suggestions, diverse backgrounds and ideas. All these are encouraged as well as implemented without any discrimination on the basis of gender, age, religion or ethnicity. All our members appreciate the trust that the company has placed in them. This makes everyone more creative and productive at work. In addition, diversity in the workplace helps us better understand our diverse customers as well – and as a result, we can get a better grasp of their current and future wants and needs. The individual strengths and unique qualities of our members allow us to effectively assess current customers and reach out to prospective customers when we need to obtain specific information about them. Thanks to our diverse mindsets, we can collectively connect the dots and offer every individual customer the best possible services, while anticipating any potential wants and needs.


Ekaterina Vanchikova, Transaction Monitoring Officer

“ECOMMBX provides a work environment where each employee is treated fairly, with care and respect and is valued regardless of culture, gender, background or position within the company. I just recently joined ECOMMBX and, from the first days, received a warm welcome and amazing support. That helped me adapt quickly and apply my best efforts to support the team. It’s important for each employee to feel included; that motivates us to continuously improve our performance, develop our skills and contribute to the company’s productivity.”

Eliza Zalimi, Transaction Monitoring Manager

“At ECOMMBX, nobody cares where you come from but rather who you are. There is no place for politics, nationality and everything else that usually divides people. You are judged by your character and not by your nationality; by your ethos and not by your beliefs. We all think of each other as branches of the same tree. All different, but all equal; we are here to help each other and help this company flourish and grow to its full potential.”

Viktoria Askalidou, Head of Transaction Monitoring

“ECOMMBX embraces diversity by treating every individual with dignity, listening to their opinions and recognizing the value of their unique perspectives. We have a great workplace culture, where all employees are part of a big family. There is open and honest communication and we all feel comfortable sharing our ideas and concerns. Lastly, I must point out that we have the perfect Marketing Team that arranges lots of events which bring us together and strengthen the bonds between us.”

Lee Diana, Senior Officer Business Development

“I’m from a country where a patriarchal company structure is more common and women need to go the extra mile in order to break through the glass ceiling. By contrast, ECOMMBX is committed to diversity and inclusion isn’t just a buzzword. Women are not only welcome but actively encouraged to participate in all the company’s operations, and they are making their mark across various departments. Moreover, ECOMMBX is proud to have a significant number of women in leadership roles, from COO to Department Heads.”

Isavella Karoyian, Junior Officer Business Development

“It is statistically proven that workplaces that include people from different backgrounds and allow them to express themselves by sharing their thoughts, enjoy greater business productivity and efficiency. At ECOMMBX, we have adopted this principle of equal opportunity and the mindset that accompanies it. Apart from the internal benefits, our diversity allows us to target a broader clientele as we can collectively anticipate their needs and expectations. On a daily basis, we effectively serve clients from different backgrounds, cultures, and origins.”

This Special Feature first appeared in the November edition of GOLD magazine. Click here to view it.

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