Ygia Polyclinic: Starting the next chapter with a new institutional investor and GHS participation

Ygia Polyclinic Private Hospital has turned the page with the introduction of a new institutional investor and, since September, its participation in the General Health Scheme (GHS).

In an interview with InBusinessNews, Dr. George Zachariades PhD, the Polyclinic’s CEO refers to the preparations and changes made for smooth integration into GHS, the services offered, and also how patients who are not in GHS will be served from now on. At the same time, he evaluates the health sector in Cyprus, highlighting the leaps of progress that have been made.

"It is no coincidence that Cyprus is gathering the interest of foreign capital in the field of health, as well as the fact that it has taken important steps in the field of medical tourism," he underlines, among other things.

The interview with Dr. Zachariades follows:

Ygia Polyclinic joined the GHS from September. What changes and preparations did you make and what challenges did you face?

It is true that this is a significant change, which requires time for adaptation to new data, new IT systems and new procedures. Nevertheless, preparations have been made at all levels so that we are able to respond to these changes.

In particular, three months before our joining, training began for nursing, medical, paramedical and administrative staff as well as for external collaborating doctors, on the use of the GHS’s information systems, in order to ensure the systems were used properly.

At the same time, we proceeded with the staffing of the Polyclinic’s departments Polyclinic, such as the Nursing Department and Internal Medicine, the Diagnostic Department (MRI, CT, Xray, Lab), the Emergency Department and of course the Reception and Customer Service Department and the Administrative staff in general.

In addition, a significant investment has been made, in the infrastructure sector, to maintain the high quality of services provided by Ygia Polyclinic

As far as the 24-hour operation is concerned, it is not something new for us, since Ygia Polyclinic has always operated continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How easy was it for the staff to adapt to the new situation?

Despite the big change, both the training that preceded it, as well as the dedication of the staff combined with the practical support received from the Administration, contributed to the smooth adaptation to the new conditions without affecting the quality of the services offered to the patients of the Polyclinic.

What led to the Polyclinic’s decision to join the GHS?

The rapid changes in the health field "forced" the necessary adaptation and change of course.

We have turned the page, staying true to our vision: to be the leader of excellence in healthcare, as a trusted provider of high quality health services and staying true to our mission, to provide top medical and nursing services through optimal and comprehensive clinical protocols.

What services does Ygia Polyclinic offer through the GHS?

Since September 25, 2023, Ygia Polyclinic has joined the GHS, offering all its services to patients, including our Diagnostic Departments, our Obstetrics Department, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics and the Accident and Emergency Department, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

By the end of the year, an Oncology department will be added to our offered services.

How will Ygia Polyclinic continue to serve patients who are not included in the GHS?

Ygia Polyclinic continues to accept cases covered by insurance or through the patient's own payment.

That is, if a patient has a referral from a doctor not included in the GHS for some diagnostic tests, he can carry them out at the Ygia Polyclinic, with either himself or his private insurance covering the financial part.

The same applies to medical procedures, which are not covered by GHS, such as plastic surgeries.

In addition, patients who are not beneficiaries of GHS, either in the context of Medical Tourism, or residing in Cyprus as non-beneficiaries, can receive all the medical services provided by Ygia Polyclinic as individuals.

Recently the Commission for the Protection of Competition published that it is considering the acquisition of the Polyclinic's share capital by Netlana Investments Ltd (through Mildena Investments Ltd). Where is the specific process and what changes will it bring? Will we see more equity changes in the near future?

At the present stage, the Polyclinic is going through a transition period and entering the ownership of an experienced institutional investor who will help the clinic achieve its goals to the best possible extent by making full use of its potential, always with the best interests of its patients and staff in mind.

More on this topic will be announced very soon.

How do you assess the health sector in Cyprus in general? Where does it need improvement?

The health sector in Cyprus has made very important strides in recent years, both in terms of infrastructure and scientific medical, paramedical and nursing staff.

It is no coincidence that Cyprus is attracting the interest of foreign capital in the field of health, as well as the fact that it has taken important steps in the field of medical tourism.

I believe that by utilising human capital and ensuring the human-centered approach combined with compassionate care in the health services offered, Cyprus will have absolutely nothing to envy about other countries that hold a leading position in the health sector.

Ygia Polyclinic:

Ygia Polyclinic was founded in 1983 in the centre of the city of Limassol, while it welcomed its first patients in 1987. For 36 years, Ygia Polyclinic has been a pioneer, offering high-quality services always focused on the patient, applying the most advanced and scientifically proven medical protocols and state-of-the-art equipment.

From 25 September, 2023, Ygia Polyclinic joined the GHS, offering all its services to patients, including the Accidents and Emergencies Department.

The Management of the Polyclinic has adopted an Integrated Management System that includes the most recognised international accreditations and certifications (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 15189:2012, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 22000:2018, CHKS, Cyber ​​Essentials Plus).

Based on these, Ygia Polyclinic is able to ensure the provision of high quality services, medical - nursing and hospitality - care, in the safest environment, both for the employees, as well as for patients and collaborating doctors.

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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