Beauty Line returns to Nicosia’s Makarios Avenue

Beauty Line is making a strong return to Nicosia's Makarios Avenue, opening the doors of its new store on 2 November.

The happening is considered to be a milestone from the brand and will come a few days after the grand opening of the 15th Holland & Barrett Cyprus on Makarios Avenue as the H.A. Papaellinas Group further strengthens its presence in the capital city’s central commercial street. It is worth noting that Makarios Avenue was where the H.A. Papaellinas Group operated its first Beauty Line concept store in 1999.

New vision, new corporate identity

The new store also reflects Beauty Line's new vision, new corporate identity and new customer experience, which will characterise the strong bond of trust it inspires, a relevant press release said.

The brand is evolving and redefining the concept of beauty. The purpose is to empower the modern woman and highlight female beauty in all its forms, the Group’s announcement adds.

What the new store will feature

The new, innovative, Beauty Line store on Makarios Avenue, is designed to encourage exploration and experimentation of customers, within an environment of personalised approach to their needs.

It offers a unique experiential experience, with the care and guidance of expert beauty consultants.

In the new store, customers will be able to discover an extensive range of beauty proposals, with a special focus on make-up and including: Skin care products, perfumes, hair care and beauty tools, covering a variety of tastes and preferences.

With a mix of well-known and up-and-coming brands, Beauty Line customers will be able, with the help of experienced staff, to tryout and choose products that best suit their needs and budget, with solutions for every personality, style and mood.

The presence of Beauty Line and H.A. Papaellinas Group on Makarios Avenue

The presence of Beauty Line in the city center undoubtedly contributes to its commerciality and vitality. Especially on Makarios Avenue, where the first Beauty Line concept store was opened in 1999.

So now the Beauty Line store and the H.A. Papaellinas Group return to the beginning of their history and write a new page.

In essence, they are opening more than a new store, creating a new experience that aims to inspire and empower every woman, highlighting every aspect of her inner and outer beauty.

This pioneering approach is expected to bring new dynamism to the centre of Nicosia.

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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