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Peter-Jan Grech: The best people build the best brands

Leading companies thrive on purpose and principles, led by teams inspired by their own people, says Peter-Jan Grech, CEO & Founder, BRND WGN.

The best brands don't just create economic value, they make the world better, was another position he expressed, during the 21st Advertising, Marketing and Communication Conference in Nicosia.

Grech had started off making a bold prediction: In a few years, there will be two types of companies - those that will incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations and those that will cease to exist. This fact set the stage for a deeper investigation of the human element in business.

Presenting historical data, he then argued that the people who dare to believe that they can change the world are the ones who eventually do.

This mindset is critical to driving loyalty, which he described as a powerful driver of premium pricing and reduced marketing costs.

Loyalty, Grech commented, increases profitability and fuels market growth. However, he made it clear that loyalty doesn't happen by accident - it's the result of commitment. "True commitment," according to Grech, "is a matter of choice and action."

He went on to explain that authentic brands are driven by people and purpose. This dual focus ensures that companies remain authentic and responsive to their audience's needs. According to the expert, branding is essentially about reputation and commitment.

A brand's reputation is built over time through consistent actions and the genuine commitment of its people, Grech noted.

In closing, he stated that the future of successful brands lies in their ability to combine advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence, with human passion, loyalty and serving a purpose.

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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