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Why IT professionals choose PIN-UP.TECH: expanding expertise, creative tasks, and working in an innovative environment

PIN-UP.TECH, which specializes in the development of software for the iGaming industry and is part of the PIN-UP Global ecosystem, is one of the leaders in the tech sector in Cyprus.

The team uses state-of-the-art technologies, including AI and ML, to solve both routine tasks and create original developments. Read more about the team, its plans, and what kind of specialists they are looking for in Cyprus in the article.

The center of expertise and continuous growth

The PIN-UP.TECH team consists of more than 600 specialists who are experts in their field, including developers, engineers and architects, analysts and testers, project and delivery managers. In their work, IT specialists use modern technologies and approaches:

● Golang, JavaScript (Angular stack), Kotlin, and Python programming languages as the basis of the technical stack for the highly loaded PIN-UP.TECH platform.

● A distributed and highly available system is built using NATS, which allows scaling the event-driven topology of the platform with any requirements and conditions;

● An internal Data Platform is created using Cloud-Native Data Stack, which promotes Data-Driven approach and Data Engineering practices and experiments in teams;

● DevOps/NoOps/FinOps expertise and practices in each team, implementation of Cloud Agnostic (Kubernetes), Hybrid Cloud and Multi Cloud architectures in a geo-distributed system with a high level of automation;

● We have implemented our own global monitoring system based on Open Telemetry (full adaptation of the metrics, trades and logs protocol), which already processes more than 700,000 different metrics per second;

● Database management systems, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Aerospike, Clickhouse;

● Author's anti-fraud development using ML/AI technologies, which will soon be released to the market;

In order to allow specialists to focus on priority tasks requiring in-depth analysis, routine processes were automated, and the need for manual processing was minimized. Thus, the activities of PIN-UP.TECH specialists are not dominated by routine, but by creative tasks that expand their expertise.

Big plans for 2024

When it comes to tech industry trendsetters, their plans are always full of innovations. PIN-UP.TECH is another confirmation of this rule. In 2024, the business will add its own ML/AI team, migrate to cloud solutions to place depersonalized data in the most efficient and secure environment, and automate processes to increase productivity. PIN-UP.TECH specialists will also improve the core of the system to increase its stability and improve the level of service.

It is worth mentioning the plans to develop technologies aimed at supporting technological projects and products in the field of online entertainment, traffic, software development, AI, customer service, payment systems, advertising platforms, and arbitrage teams by the PIN-UP Global ecosystem. R&D specialists are already developing and testing innovative solutions, including the use of blockchain to increase transparency and security of transactions, as well as the use of AI to improve analytics, personalize offers, etc. The synergy of PIN-UP.TECH and PIN-UP Global is a demonstration of one of the central values of the entire ecosystem - Be a partner in teamwork. It is only through joint coordinated efforts that technical excellence can be achieved.

Who are they looking for in the PIN-UP.TECH team?

Throughout its existence, PIN-UP.TECH has shown rapid growth in the number of projects and specialists working on them. Over the past year alone, the team has doubled in size (to 500+ specialists), and technical specialists are concentrated in 5 countries.

Currently, the tech ecosystem is looking for skillful IT Support Engineer, Senior Data Engineer, Software Engineer (GO), Tech Lead AI Team, DBA Engineer, Software Engineer (Python), and Senior SecDevOps Engineer.

IT professionals moving to Cyprus to cooperate with PIN-UP.TECH are provided with assistance with relocation, legalization through an employment contract, and support for all organizational measures for legalization.

All PIN-UP.TECH vacancies can be viewed at the link.

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