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Cyprus is a champion in research and innovation, Deputy Minister says

Cyprus is a champion in the field of research and innovation, Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, Nicodemos Damianou, has said, in the context of a visit he paid the Cyprus Institute, where he met with the President of the Institute, Stavros Malas, and with members of the administrative staff.

Speaking on 10 June, Damianou expressed his joy about the fact that Cyprus is a champion in the field of research and innovation, "an ecosystem which 10-15 years ago was in its infancy," stressing that "now it has developed to such an extent that it gives us many hopes for the future."

"The research and innovation ecosystem is a driving force to achieve the goals of sustainable development, to develop as a society and as an economy and to be able to put Cyprus on the map as a regional hub of technology and innovation," he pointed out. In a short time, the Deputy Minister added, the Cyprus Institute, "has achieved a lot in the field of research and succeeded in being a key pillar and partner not only of the Cyprus ecosystem, but also of the wider region."

On his part, President of the Cyprus Institute, Stavros Malas, said that Cyprus has been tested in many fields in the EU, underlining that "many times our performance in other areas does not make us very proud, but in the field of research Cyprus is proud to say that we have a tremendous amount of work to show."

Addressing Damianou, Malas told him that he heads "one of the most critical, if not the most critical Ministry", pointing out that "research and innovation have proven to be the strongest weapon and the most important tool to create sustainable development." 

If Europe has taught us something, said the President of the Cyprus Institute, it is that the countries that have invested in research and innovation are those that have achieved sustainable development without being satisfied with just economic growth.

(Source: CNA)

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