Cyprus to operate 17 polling stations abroad for EU elections

Authorities in Cyprus have announced that a total of 17 polling stations will operate abroad for the EU elections. The elections are held between 6-9 June and voting for Cyprus voters will take place on the 9th.

Stations will operate in 12 cities in Greece, in the UK and Belgium, to facilitate 4,691 eligible voters to vote only for members of the EU parliament.

According to the Interior Ministry, three polling stations will operate in Athens for 1,586 voters, two in Thessaloniki for 669 voters, one in Patra for 269 voters, one in Ioannina for 114, one in Komotini for 101, one in Heraklion for 137 and one in Volos for 87 voters.

Three polling stations will operate in London, one at the Cyprus High Commission for 503 voters and two at the Cyprus Community Center for 579 voters.

Polling stations will also operate in Manchester for 98 voters, in Birmingham for 131 voters and in Glasgow for 58 voters. One polling station will operate in Brussels for 359 voters.

Cyprus joined the EU in 2004 and elects 6 MEPs.

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